New Video: Chief Keef Ft. 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa “Hate Being Sober”

Under the influence.

Reaching back into the vault, 50 Cent unearths another unreleased video. This time for his and Wiz Khalifa’s 2012 collaboration with Chief Keef off the latter’s Finally Rich album.

Directed by Eif Rivera, the 8 year-old clip trails Fif and Wiz cruising the Nevada desert in their dune buggies. 50 takes the wheel and at time hangs out passenger side sporting his hoodie and bandana. Sporting his black and yellow dyed hair do, TGOD lights up in his stunner shades while operating his 4-wheeler. Chief Keef was absent from the visuals as he couldn’t make the set for the shoot.

In similar fashion, 50 Cent debuted his 5 year-old video with Post Malone, “Tryna Fuck Me Over” off his 2015 project, The Kanan Tape .

Source: Rap radar

New Video: Trey Songz Ft. Summer Walker “Back Home”

From Trey’s home to yours.

Come home with Trey Songz and Summer Walker with new collaboration.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, they release their quarantine visual where Trey spends time with family and Summer celebrates her 24th birthday. The clip also features a montage of virals from others including DJ Dnice, 50 Cent, and more.

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Kehlani Opens Up About Fallout with Kamaiyah

Kehlani and Kamaiyah’s friendship has turned toxic.

During an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, Kamaiyah seemed to allude to a fallout with her fellow Oakland native by referencing Keyshia Cole and claiming that the “other person” is not from her hometown.

“I’m from High Street, 3170. Apartment 303 verified. Keyshia can tell you where she from in the ’80s. Tell me where that other person from? Period, ni**a. On everything,” Kamaiyah said during her Live.

Someone in the group chat asked if she was referring to Kehlani. “I ain’t answering no questions. That ni**a know what it is,” she added. “It’s up. It’s been up for a while now. Y’all keep asking me questions. I don’t fuck with her at all–at all. She know why. That’s that.”

Following Kamaiyah’s comments, Kehlani took to social media to address their troubled relationship on Wednesday. Without naming any names, she opened up about their fallout in a series of tweets. “i’m STILL not speaking negatively on someone i once cared about. that i have a matching tattoo with. that i respected and admired,” she said.

The two were apparently working on a joint project before things soured. “business didn’t work out on a collaborative project, i withdrew and got a ‘green light’ on my family and friends. AND ITS STILL LOVE ON THIS SIDE.”

She claimed that her life was even threatened. “reached out countless amounts of times to be adults. to say ‘you have been around my child.’ still met with internet antics, false rumors that don’t make any sense, and THREATS TO MY LIFE. & me all of a sudden not being from the same city that i was from when we were cool..”

While her phone calls and texts have gone unanswered, she still has love for her. “i’m not sickin no fans on nobody, no blogs, no disses in songs, ITS REALLY LOVE. if you was beefin at the wedding you shoulda been beefin at the wedding you shouldn’t had brought it to somebody else album release week!!!”

When a friend referenced Kamaiyah’s comments about Kehlani not being from Oakland, Kehlani responded, “lmao hey sis!”

Kehlani is gearing up to release her sophomore album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t on May 8 featuring the single “Toxic.” And she’s not about to let anyone rain on her parade. “i’m VERY happy and about to drop a project i’m super proud of just like you did a few months ago,” she said. “us, our city, and the world should be focused on that. love!”

See Kehlani’s tweets below.