Kanye West to Debut Yeezy Season 5 at New York Fashion Week

All of the lights will be shining as Kanye West readies Yeezy Season 5 for New York Fashion Week.

The G.O.O.D. Music boss is set to unveil the latest season of his famed fashion line with a runway show slated to take place at Pier 59 Studios on Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from DONDA.

Season 4 was revealed at New York Fashion Week in September 2016 during an epic event on Roosevelt Island. The grandiose spectacle was later bashed by some critics due to models who fainted and others who stumbled on the walkway.

However, Season 3 received rave reviews. Held at Madison Square Garden, the fashion show also acted as the worldwide debut of The Life of Pablo.

Could Season 5 feature the debut of the long-rumored Turbo Grafx 16? It’s possible, but nothing regarding new music has yet to be confirmed. Earlier this month, insiders also revealed that West is working on “a few surprise projects” set for this year, leading to speculation about when those might be released.

West has been working on new music since he was released from the hospital late last year, where he was treated for reported exhaustion, paranoia, and depression. Aside from working on new solo material, he’s reportedly crafting G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Winter and collaborations with other artists.

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Video: Belly feat. NAV – ‘Re Up’

Belly rides out with NAV on “Re Up,” the latest single off his 2016 mixtape Inzombia.

Directed by Logan Pierce, the grainy music video features a VHS effect and throwback vibes. It finds Belly and NAV in a haze of bars and clubs along a highway, illustrating their frustrations with drugs.

“My uncle just lost his kidney,” NAV raps while playing pool. “That won’t stop me from poppin’ and sippin’ / You can tell that I’m gone from a distance / Poppin’ prescriptions without a prescription.”

Driving along the highway and stopping to dance on the side of the road, Belly references his battle with drugs. “I talk about drugs like I glorify it,” he raps. “The truth is, I’m horrified.”

“‘Re Up’ is a view that’s rarely talked about,” Belly told Noisey. “The downsides of this life we live and the vices we all have.”

At the end of the video, Belly exits his car, followed by a lingerie-clad beauty. It’s a mysterious finale for the vintage-style clip.

Recently, NAV made headlines when he joined 6LACK and The Weeknd in studio. Meanwhile, Belly is on Juicy J’s “Rubba Band Business: The Tour,” which runs through March 18 in Milwaukee.


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New Music: Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jadakiss – ‘NYC’

After teasing the project for quite some time, Faith Evans unveils the first single off The King & I, her collaborative album with her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G.

“NYC” is an ode to the Empire State, featuring frequent Biggie collaborator Jadakiss. Biggie’s vocals — taken from the classic “Mumbling and Whispering” freestyle — are blended over this updated instrumental.

“We waited through the suffering and pain,” raps Frank White. “The bitches ride the dick like the A-train.”

Faith handles the hook with her soothing harmonies. “I got love for New York City,” she sings. “And they got love for me and B.I.G.” Meanwhile, ‘Kiss adds his raspy bars: “Me, Fizzy, and the King? That’s a special three.”

B.I.G. died in an unsolved shooting in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. In recent years, Evans revealed plans to tour with a Biggie hologram.

Listen to “NYC” below.

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First Look: Rihanna Stars as Marion Crane in ‘Bates Motel’ Trailer

Rihanna’s acting takeover continues.

After getting a first look of her Ocean’s Eight character Nine Ball yesterday (Jan. 30), Rihanna reveals her “Bates Motel” character Marion Crane.

The superstar songstress appears in a spooky new trailer for the A&E drama’s final season. “Can I get a room,” says a rain-drenched RiRi in the clip. Later, it seems the main character Norman Bates is spying on her in the shower.

RiRi’s version of Crane will be different than the one made famous by actress Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film Psycho, which “Bates Motel” is based on. In the film, Crane stole her boss’ money and arrived at Bates Motel while evading law enforcement. She was killed in the film’s first act, but this version of Crane will be more detailed, according to executive producer Kerry Erin.

“We’re taking threads of that story and definitely using them so it’s recognizable, it’s just where we go with it is very different,” Ehrin told EW. “It’s tough to be in a situation where you’re in love with a guy, and for whatever reason, he keeps stalling. You still have all this hot sex with him, and he’s saying he loves you, but he’s stalling. The internal story of that, for a woman, is a really interesting one. We never really got to see that. In Psycho, you just see the outside of that more. It was trying to do a story about a contemporary woman with some edge, with some expectations, who isn’t perfect, who isn’t always perfectly sweet, who is in that situation, but we’re rooting for her to get what she wants.”

The report notes that Rihanna will appear in multiple episodes, though it’s unclear how many. She will also be someone Bates takes a creepy liking to, something that is also alluded to in the trailer.

“Norman is in an incredibly intense and interesting place that we’ve built him to when that sequence of episodes starts,” Ehrin added. “It’s this collision of Bates Motel storytelling and then Marion Crane showing up into that. He’s in a very fragile and lonely place, and Marion Crane is a charismatic woman, she’s super present when she’s with him and she’s very attractive — all those things are exactly what he needs right at this moment.”

“Bates Motel” returns for its final season on Monday, Feb. 20, at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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