BET to Produce Series Based on Nas' Life

On Tuesday, it was reported that BET has greenlighted a project called “Street Dreams,” a series of hour-long installments based on the life of Nas.

The show will take place in the early 90s. It will reportedly, “Track the ascent of Nas, a young man from the Queensbridge projects who will go on to become a famous rapper, as he evolves from young man to crack dealer to rapper to adult.”

Who will portray Nas is unknown at this time.



Black-Owned Ride Share Moovn Hopes to Take Advantage of Uber Boycott

The #DeleteUber boycott, and now the exodus from Lyft, leaves a vacuum for more obscure ride share companies who couldn’t wish for a better scenario, to come in and fill the need of customers now seeking an alternative to the popular tech brands. And there is one small independent competitor that specifically stands to benefit among the African American community, although people of all races, religions and creeds are free to enjoy its services.

Moovn, an app created in the vain of Uber and Lyft, is a ride share business that is available in several major U.S. Cities, including Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Portland, and Seattle. It was founded by Godwin Gabriel, who taught himself how to code, and delivered on his idea to build a rival to the mainstream ride share companies that have nearly put livery cabs out of business. The company has grown to even service citizens across seas in Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya, and was on it’s way to growing even more, with Gabriel’s plan to release the app in 20 more cities by March. With the recent backlash against Uber and Lyft, that growth stands to signify an even greater and more rapid expanse.

Since President Donald Trump took office less than two weeks ago, opposition to the promises he ran on during his 2016 campaign has shown itself in a much more visible sense than it did before he began actually delivering on them, with each executive order he has signed into law. Protests for women’s rights immediately sprang up after he signed legislation to defund organizations that promote abortion and more recently, thousands of protesters flooded airports around the country to voice their dissent against his controversial travel ban on refugees and nationals coming in from various nations in the Middle East. And it hasn’t been covered as much, but he’s also had supporters coming out to show their own strength in numbers, with VP Mike Pence overseeing an Pro Life rally in Washington D.C., and a Starbucks boycott going into effect after the coffee chain promised jobs to refugees impacted by Trump’s executive order.

The protest against ride shares began with Uber when over the weekend the #DeleteUber hashtag spread, upon protesters noticing that the company’s drivers were lowering their prices and picking up customers at JFK airport in the absence of drivers striking under the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance. With each Uber customer who dropped the app, Lyft picked up a new follower, as many reconciled them to be an honest competitor. But word has since spread that by joining Lyft, customers are only giving their money over to Trump confidant Carl Icahn, who is a heavy investor in the company.

There are some perks to Moovn that Gabriel points to as attributes to the service in comparison to Uber and Lyft. Moovn doesn’t have the sort of price increase fees that Uber and Lyft are known for, such as cost adjustments to “surge” and “prime time” hours. It is also a black-owned business whose success goes towards the employment of African Americans and drivers on the continent of Africa.



Blind Rapper Slays Trump During Freestyle on the 2 Train

A Twitter video of a blind rapper sending shots at Trump recently hit the webs, and it seems completely appropriate considering it was filmed on the 2 train of the decidedly anti-Trump NYC.

With a white cane in one hand and microphone in the other, the unidentified subway performer dropped some consciousness: “You a racist, look at the faces, catching the cases but you don’t care / here’s a little history lesson so be all ears, the people you call Mexicans was already here.”

The super woke subway rider also hit upon the profiling of Muslims, Trump’s opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, and his plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

All this over the beat from Fat Joe, Remy Ma’s “All The Way Up.” Check it out up top.



Martellus Bennett Won't Visit White House if Patriots Win The Super Bowl

America is less than five days away from converging to watch as the NFL’s top two teems meet to determine a 2016-17 Superbowl champion. And whichever of the two teams comes out on top on Sunday, February 5, will have a few days to celebrate in their victory before coming together as a team one last time before resting in the off season, although at least one player says he won’t be joining the gang should his New England Patriots win the trophy. That one final meet up would be at the White House, for a traditional meeting with the President. And that player is Martellus Bennett, who says he will not be entertaining a meeting with Donald Trump.

Both the the Patriots and their opponent Atlanta Falcons partook in Super Bowl Opening Night festivities in Houston on Monday, January 30, and as is to be expected, the all in attendance were swarmed by reporters hoping to get headline grabbing quotes. With all that has been going on in the nation recently, much of the questions being raised were political one’s on Donald Trump’s first ten days in office. Of course Tom Brady was the most sought after voice on such matters, due to his open friendship and endorsement of the President. But Brady turned down any inquiry into politics, telling the press he wanted to keep the focus on football. The just as political Martellus Bennett on the other hand, wasn’t as careful to avoid the subject.

Earlier in the day, Bennett released a series of tweets that peaked the curiosity of reporters. “America was built on inclusiveness not exclusiveness,” he wrote in one, which was followed up by another which read, “Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want a world full of hate be hateful. If you want a world full of love be loving.” While he never mentioned the President or alluded to his office in any way, the statements do fit the narrative of many involved in the discourse to counter some of the rhetoric that has come out of the Trump camp over the past year. “If we plant seeds of awesomeness and love that’s what we will grow. If we plant seeds of ignorance and hate that’s what we will grow,” a third tweet that Bennett sent out read.

When approached with questions about whether he plans on following through with tradition and meeting to shake hands with and speak with the President, should New England come out on top, Bennett responded: “I don’t support the guy that’s in the house.”

Should Bennett boycott the White House visit, it wouldn’t be a first. In fact, while Bennett wasn’t a Patriot until this season, his own Patriots team, including many guys who’ve been on the team for a couple of years and play alongside him now, attended the White House after defeating the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49. And his very quarterback and team captain, Tom Brady, stood home on that day. Many have speculated that it had to do with Brady not being a supporter of Barack Obama, in the same vein that Bennett doesn’t back Trump.



Diego Luna Has Been Picked to Play Tony Montana in "Scarface" Remake

Diego Luna garnered praise of his role as Cassian Andor in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” and now he’s reportedly been chosen to play Tony Montana in the remake of the classic film, “Scarface.” The 1983 film that many hold dear, is also a remake of the 1932 Howard Hughes film that is loosely based on the rise and fall of notorious gangster Al Capone.

According to reports, the film is still in scripting phase, with Universal backing the venture. Director Antoine Fuqua, who recently released “The Magnificent Seven,” was originally tied to the film, but dropped out due to schedule conflicts, leaving room for a new director.

Source: NME


Artists Boycotting The Grammys

The Grammys air next Sunday, but Kanye West, Drake, Frank Ocean & Justin Bieber won’t be attending.

They’re reportedly upset the Grammys don’t respect young, black artists and don’t find the awards relevant. Do they have a point?

Then, Drake reportedly wants a late night talk show after his music career is over. Would you watch?

Plus, Stevie J may be heading to jail for failing to pay child support payments and Alec Baldwin is set to host SNL for a record breaking 17th time.

Source: Wendy

Migos’ ‘Culture’ Set to Debut at No. 1

After earning their first No. 1 on the Hot 100 with “Bad and Boujee,” Migos might get their first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with Culture.

Early predictions show that the trio’s sophomore album, released Jan. 27 via 300 Entertainment and Quality Control, will sell between 100,000 and 120,000 equivalent album units for the week ending Feb. 2. If all goes as planned, it would likely be enough to make it No. 1 on the coveted chart.

Streaming is an important part of the equation here. A large part of this projection is due to “Bad and Boujee’s” viral success. However, some of it can also be attributed to “T-Shirt,” which has 8.9 million on-demand streams this week.

Culture will definitely be the group’s highest-charting LP to date. Their debut, 2015’s Yung Rich Nation, peaked at No. 17, selling 18,000 units in its first week. Prognosticators clearly feel Culture will surpass that easily.

Migos’ competition on the Billboard 200 includes Brantley Gilbert’s The Devil Don’t Sleep. The country LP is expected to sell 70,000-80,000 units, far fewer than Culture’s anticipated figures.

Recently, Offset talked about why this album is about more than sales. “It’s time to let the culture be known,” he said. “It’s time to claim it. And it’s time to claim that we are the Migos, and for people to understand that this is what we did. We did a lot for music. Migos is the culture. Seriously.”


Kanye West to Debut Yeezy Season 5 at New York Fashion Week

All of the lights will be shining as Kanye West readies Yeezy Season 5 for New York Fashion Week.

The G.O.O.D. Music boss is set to unveil the latest season of his famed fashion line with a runway show slated to take place at Pier 59 Studios on Feb. 15 at 5 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from DONDA.

Season 4 was revealed at New York Fashion Week in September 2016 during an epic event on Roosevelt Island. The grandiose spectacle was later bashed by some critics due to models who fainted and others who stumbled on the walkway.

However, Season 3 received rave reviews. Held at Madison Square Garden, the fashion show also acted as the worldwide debut of The Life of Pablo.

Could Season 5 feature the debut of the long-rumored Turbo Grafx 16? It’s possible, but nothing regarding new music has yet to be confirmed. Earlier this month, insiders also revealed that West is working on “a few surprise projects” set for this year, leading to speculation about when those might be released.

West has been working on new music since he was released from the hospital late last year, where he was treated for reported exhaustion, paranoia, and depression. Aside from working on new solo material, he’s reportedly crafting G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Winter and collaborations with other artists.