The Weeknd Donates $250,000 to Black Lives Matter

The Weeknd’s giving spree continues.

After donating $50,000 to the University of Toronto, the Canadian crooner has given $250,000 to the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the New York Daily News.

Abel has shown solidarity with BLM in the past. In July, for instance, he tweeted: “Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up for this. We can either sit and watch, or do something about it. The time is now. #blacklivesmatter.”

The Weeknd isn’t the only musician working with Black Lives Matter. Earlier this year, Jay Z’s TIDAL also reportedly donated $1.5 million to the cause on what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 21st birthday.

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Young Buck Sentenced to 7 Months in Prison

Young Buck is going back to prison.

On Wednesday (Aug. 10), the G-Unit rapper admitted to violating probation and was sentenced to seven months in prison. He was then taken into custody.

“Things ain’t go as plan today,” he wrote on Instagram. “Lost my freedom again. Lord knows how much I’m gonna miss my Mother,children,my girl,my Real friends and family.”

Buck’s lawyer, Alex Little, explained the situation further. “Mr. Brown agreed to end his probation by serving a short sentence,” he said in a statement. “He is disappointed by the result but grateful for the support of his family, friends, and fans.”

The 35-year-old reportedly violated probation by trying to contact his ex-girlfriend upwards of 100 times after he received a court order not to, according to The Tennessean.

In July, his former girlfriend said Buck threatened her after kicking in the door of her home. The case is still pending.

Buck also reportedly violated probation for that same incident. He was arrested then and released from custody on Aug. 1. He continued to contact the woman after that, according to prosecutors.

It’s been a year full of legal woes for Buck. Earlier this year, he reportedly threatened the fiancé of the mother of one of his children. The man had reached out to notify Buck that he was in violation of a state child support and visitation order.

“Brown then called the victim in this incident various derogatory and racial epithets and threatened him with physical harm,” according to a release cited by The Tennessean.

Legal issues have plagued Buck for a long time. In 2012, he earned 18 months in prison for gun possession charges. He started a three-year probation term in 2013. Following that, he provided a false urine sample last year, reportedly a third violation of federal probation.

Buck’s fellow G-Unit rappers wished him well. “Damn the boy Buck gotta do some time,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “They are gonna keep him today. Smh he will be alright.”

Tony Yayo also added words of encouragement. “Free @buckshotz,” he said. “hold your head big bro. The system is a trap and we the targets. We all make mistakes bro but we got families to feed. Your freedom is everything bro we need you out here.”

Lloyd Banks added to the solidarity. “Setback for a major comeback,” he wrote. “hold your head brother and push that pen! Got you G! @buckshotz.”

Setback for a major comeback,hold your head brother and push that pen! Got you G! @buckshotz

A photo posted by Lloyd Banks (@lloydbanks) on Aug 10, 2016 at 4:36pm PDT

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Bobby Brown’s Tell-All!


Hot Topics.

Bobby Brown is writing a tell-all about his life. Will Wendy read it?

Then, according to the National Enquirer, Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage may be on the rocks.

Plus, first Tiny had her eye color permanently changed and now her daughter, Zonnique, had the controversial procedure.

Find out why Wendy says the eyes are the one thing you should never try to change.

And, friends to the show John Legend and Chrissy Teigen share some exciting news!

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Young Buck Gets 7 Months in Jail After Violating His Parole

G-Unit rapper Young Buck will serve seven months in prison after violating his probation.

His sentence was confirmed by Billboard earlier this week. Buck was sentenced in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday. He violated the conditions of his probation when he threatened to burn down the house of his ex-girlfriend. The rapper allegedly came to her home, kicked her door in and made some serious threats. Tennessee District Attorney David Rivera said that Buck was attempting to get back property that was his from her home. He was arrested after the incident and was told by the court that he was not permitted to have any contact with her. He violated those conditions when he called her more than 100 times.

Buck took to Instagram earlier this week to let his fans know that he was going back to jail by stating,“Things ain’t go as plan today. Lost my freedom again. Lord knows how much I’m gonna miss my Mother, children, my girl, my Real friends and family. I want @50cent @tonyyayo @kiddkiddrllnr @loydbanks AND ALL MY FANS TO HOLD ME DOWN!!!!See y’all soon.. STAY UP..AND WILL KEEP YALL UPDATED..GOTTA GO.”


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Snoop Dogg Talks About Rail Collapse & Injured Fans During Camden Show

Snoop Dogg stopped by The Breakfast Club this week and gave details on the railing collapse at one of his recent shows in Camden, New Jersey.

“It was a little accident. But you know, everybody was alright so, I can’t really speak on it too much, I was just hoping that nobody was seriously injured and nobody was,” Snoop said. “We reached out to the people that did get injured, and they [are] alright. And um, they know it wasn’t out fault.” The accident happened during Snoop’s tour with Wiz Khalifa. “When you [are] doing a concert and something like that happens, how do you deal with it? Right there on the spot? And then afterwards.”

Snoop said he wanted to know if the victims were ok after the accident, but security rushed them out of the building. The protocol for accidents makes it hard for an artist to show concern, according to the rapper. “I want to make sure that they’re ok. I’m just thankful that nobody was seriously injured,” he said. The rappers had to leave right after the collapse.


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Snooki Goes in the Hot Seat!


Strong is the New Sexy.

Friend to the show Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi tells us about her new book, “Strong is the New Sexy.”

Then, would Nicole ever do a “Jersey Shore” reunion? Could she be civil with Vinny and The Situation?

Plus, Snooki sets the record straight about her husband being named in the Ashley Madison hacking scandal and opens up about her lip injections.

And, don’t miss what happens when Wendy puts Snooki in the Hot Seat.

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