First Lady Melania Trump Snubs the President

First Lady Melania Trump went viral when she appeared to swat the President’s hand away while walking the red carpet in Israel.

Then, days later she appeared to snub him again when he reached for her hand and she touched her hair instead. Is it wrong to snub your partner in public?

Then, a hotel waitress was fired for allegedly having a one-night stand with Orlando Bloom and a high school in New Mexico is encouraging students to take naps.

Wendy, Rolling Stone’s Joe Levy, FOX 5’s Lisa Evers and Judge Faith weigh in on these Hot Talk headlines!

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Two Georgia Teachers Fired after Being Videotaped Fighting

While videos of students getting physical surface online pretty regularly, it’s rare to see a clip featuring two educators throwing hands. However, that’s exactly what transpired recently at Stone Mountain Middle School, about half an hour northeast of downtown Atlanta.

On May 19, a fight between two female teachers at the school was captured by a student in a cell phone video which has since gone viral.

A Dekalb County School District spokesperson released a statement regarding the fight Wednesday:

“The two school employees caught on video in the fight in the classroom will be terminated following the conclusion of the appropriate district processes.”

Dekalb County Schools Public Information Officer Andre Riley says the teacher and the paraprofessional, whose identities have not been released, were arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.

According to one student, the brawl erupted over an argument between the women about a male teacher.

You can view the footage up top.



50 Cent's Ex Says He's Still Got 5 Months of Child Support

It looks like the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his oldest child, is kicking into high gear. Tompkins hopped on Twitter Wednesday night to fire off a rant against the Queens rapper.

Thompkins’ latest shots began in response to Fif commenting on an Instagram user’s post about celebrating his last child support payments. Reposting it, 50 Cent wrote, “LOL 4 months left no more free ride. she might want to get a job now.”

“Awwwweee The Man-child is a little sensitive today,” tweeted Thompkins shortly after 50’s child support comment. “May 24, 2000 he was shot 5 times ..I was present along with Marquise and his Gma.”

“Then I took him to my mothers house to heal..,” she continued in her next tweet. “I know it upsets you I’m not in your life.. and between prostitutes and video hoes you never recovered.. I know, it’s ok.”

Thompkins then tweeted about Fif’s math being a little off on the remaining child support, writing, “Actually it is 5 months to go….. you still checking for lil ole me? Calculate the hours you missed from your son!”

Check out Thompkins’ full Twitter rant up top.



Kool G Rap on Being the First Gangsta Rapper

Legendary Emcee Kool G Rap stopped by VladTV for an important, much-anticipated interview. In this clip, Kool G Rap and Vlad discuss the meaning behind his name and where the origins of his storied career began. He talks about rapping at an early age and linking up with Marley Marl and the Juice Crew as his buzz grew. Watch above.


Lil Yachty Performs "Llama Llama Red Pajama" Freestyle Over "Ms. Jackson"

One month ago Ludacris capped off his appearance on The Cruz Show / Power 106, in the likeness of Migos who came before him, by delivering his very own rendition of “Llama Llama Red Pajama,” over Lil Yachty’s “iSpy” beat. On Wednesday morning, May 24, it was Yachty on the vocals, as he tried his hand at the rhyming bedtime story.

So far it has been the case that the DJ plays it true to the style of the artist who steps up for the Anna Dewdney challenge. When Remy Ma flipped the kid’s book open last week, it was an old school boom bap beat in Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover” that got served up; which is essentially a sound more tailored for her flow than a trap beat would’ve been. For Yachty, the clean production of OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson” served his auto-tuned vocals like a gem.

Midway through the freestyle, Yachty’s flow would eventually lose a bit of its melodic appeal but to his benefit the push that the song’s hook at the very beginning of the track gave him, allowed for the Teenage Emotions rapper to get off on a singing note. He’d use it to reference his cadence against, before taking off.



Tulsa Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Will Return to Work with $35K Back Pay

The Tulsa police officer who gunned down Terence Crutcher as he retreated to his vehicle with his hands up in the air, will soon resume her work behind a badge.

Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted of manslaughter in the case last week, causing a nationwide outcry over the injustice. Shelby’s defense team had successfully argued that she feared for her life when she fired on Crutcher. While there indeed does come a point, in dashcam and helicopter recordings, in which Crutcher appears to motion towards the window of his vehicle, it came moments after he began to calmly walked back to his car following a bizarre dispute that ensued over what was supposed to be a call about his vehicle stalling in the middle of the road.

Shelby argued that she thought Crutcher might have had a gun, while reports that later surfaced implied that he may have been high on PCP, and thus not following the officers’ instructions coherently. Audio from Shelby’s husband, who is also an officer and happened to be observing the incident as it unfolded, would cause a stir, as he is recorded characterizing Crutcher as a dangerous looking man. Crutcher was actually enrolled in college when he was killed.

Shelby would be charged with manslaughter on September 22, which was the point in which she was forced to take an unpaid leave. As part of her imminent return to the department, Shelby will reportedly receive $35,000 in back pay to cover the portion of her salary that had been frozen through trial.



Wendy’s Morning Tea Recipe

The one question Wendy gets asked the most out of everything, is “what’s in your tea?!”

Well, we finally have the formula to share with everyone, as well as beneficial teas to drink!

Here’s the tea!

Loose black tea

Black Tea for Energy
This is not really news to anyone. Black tea has the most caffeine of all the teas out there. Black Tea doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, but your body will thank you for making the switch from coffee to tea. You’re more likely to get to sleep faster when you drink tea. Who doesn’t want that?

Mint tea

Mint Tea for Weight Loss
Mint tea is low in calories, with only two calories in an eight-ounce serving. So, you can drink this delicious tea all day, completely guilt free. The best part about mint tea is it is proven to curb your appetite. The strong mint scent tricks the brain to release a hormone that suppresses hunger. If you feel a craving coming on, replace it with mint tea.

Still life from cup of tea , honey and hawthorn

Hawthorn Tea for Relaxation
If you suffer from anxiety, this tea could be the answer to all your worries. Hawthorn Tea has a natural calming effect that can calm the body, without feeling the need to fall asleep. This is great to sip throughout the day if you’re always on edge.

Red flower and hibiscus hot tea

Hibiscus Tea for Glowing Skin
Remember the tale about the fountain of youth? Well, it might have been filled with hibiscus tea. Alpha-hydroxy acids found in the plant can control oily skin, clogged pores, protect skin from environmental stressors, reduce the size of pores, and help those with sensitive skin. Remember, skin care is everything!

Wendy’s Morning Tea
There is a whole process to Wendy’s morning tea. Wendy has been drinking tea since her radio days to help keep her voice in check. The show doesn’t go on without Wendy and her morning tea deserves a nod of credit to keeping her voice pristine.

A mug of hot water
1 bag of black tea
½ tsp. of honey
¼ cup of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of Drink Electra-Seamoss
1 Halls cherry cough drop

1. Fill a cup with honey, lemon juice, tea bag, and hot water
2. Scoop out a teaspoon of Drink Electra-Seamoss, gently transfer to a strainer
3. With the Drink Electra-Seamoss still in the strainer, pour the hot tea over the Drink Electra-Seamoss, through the strainer, and into the mug you want to use
4. When Hot Topics starts, drop a Halls cherry cough drop into your tea
5. Enjoy!

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