Allen Iverson Recreates Famous "Practice" Interview

Atlanta’s new SunTrust Park has a modern feel to it that brings the ambiance it’s Braves baseball team will be playing amidst, up to par with that offered by stadiums around the major leagues today. But the major problem that has been the source of scrutiny for the organization thus far, has been one fan find themselves confronted by. There isn’t enough parking.

SunTrust sports a capacity to host a sold-out crowd of 41,149 people. That is three times more seats than are parking spots [14,000] available in the stadium’s lot. While such a disparity might still work out in a big city with a broad transit system like New York City, the SunTrust Park location is poorly served by public transportation, forcing most to drive to games. And while parking outside of the facility is always an option, anyone selecting to do so would have to cross a freeway, at which point much of the free space is reported to be found between a half mile and a mile away.

The Braves haven’t figured out a way to satisfy fans challenged by the parking conundrum just yet, leaving the organization no other choice but to rely on public relations to ease the burden on their psychology. One way the organization has resorted to dealing with the issue is by making fun of itself in a new commercial featuring Allen Iverson. Fans of the NBA Hall of Famer will never forget his infamous “practice” interview, in which he lost his cool with reporters continuously nagging him about missing practice. In the new AD, Iverson sits in a press room and fields questions on his love for the Atlanta Braves, before the questions begin to stray towards logistics; namely, parking.

“Parking? The best franchise in all of baseball, and we’re in here talking about parking! What are we talking about,” Iverson responds, in what amounts to a parody that might put a nostalgic smile on a few faces, but likely won’t settle fans’ gripe with SunTrust.



Lance Stephenson Involved in Scuffle in First Game Back as an Indiana Pacer

Lance Stephenson was back in a Pacers uniform and playing before a home court Indiana crowd for the first time since leaving the team he came in the league with three years ago, on Tuesday, March 4. And the Pacers fans on hand for their Raptors match up watched classic Lance all the way up till the final moments of the game, during which time, in true Lance fashion, he managed to tick a couple of his opponents off.

Down by 15 with less than 10 seconds left in the game, Toronto decided they were going to allow the clock to run down, with the players on the floor lingering around as Indiana took possession. Coming off of the rebound though, Joe Young selected to chuck the ball over to Stephenson rather than tuck it until the final buzzard went off. One of the unwritten rules in professional basketball is that you don’t continue to put points on the board if your opponent gracefully bows out for the loss.

Lance, who had already been trash talking throughout the 4th quarter, then ran the ball up the court and scored a layup. DeMar DeRozan didn’t take too kindly to the gesture, and confronted Stephenson. Neither did P.J. Tucker, who had to be restrained, as both teams flooded onto the middle of the court before cooler heads prevailed.



Atlanta Jeweler Aydin & Co. Accuses T.I. Of Not Paying a $755K Bill

Aydin & Co., a reputable Atlanta jeweler-to-the-stars company, is suing T.I. for $755,000, claiming the hip-hop superstar failed to pay for several pieces he acquired from them dating as far back as 2004.

Tip stopped making payments on his open account (which was prompted by an oral agreement) back in 2013, according to the lawsuit obtained by bossip. The account included bills for seven custom made diamond pendants valued at $145,00, $40,000 in “assorted women’s jewelry,” a $30,000 blue diamond watch, a $24,500 women’s diamond bracelet, a $13,500 men’s wedding band, two $10,000 custom-made dog tags, $9,500 diamond hoop earrings, and a 48-carat diamond chain.

The lawsuit was filed by Aydin & Co. owner Fevzi Aydin after responses for payment were left unreturned. The Atlanta rapper says the lawsuit is barred by the statute of limitations and asked the judge presiding over the case to prevent Aydin & Co. from suing him for any jewelry sold before 2011. T.I. also claims that the company never produced any texts or emails that outlined any payment delinquency.

According to Tip’s affidavit, Aydin & Co. would periodically send him jewelry to examine and if they were to his liking, he could negotiate a price or return as he saw fit.

The judge has not yet ruled on the case.



Kanye Makes History with First Digital-Only Platinum Album

Released in February of last year, Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo has been streamed over 3 billion times worldwide and just hit 1.5 billion streams in the United States, making it the first album to be RIAA-certified platinum solely from streaming. The album was also available for sale on West’s website, but downloads contributed only 0.7 percent of its first-week units, and TLOP meets the “platinum” condition without those numbers.

Though The Life of Pablo made history as the first album to go platinum from streaming alone, the small number of actual album sales disqualified it from some records that were taken by Chance the Rapper’s May 2016 release, Coloring Book. That project is the first streaming-only album to chart in the Billboard Top 200 and the first streaming-only album to be nominated for or win a Grammy.



Kanye ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Goes Platinum


Yeezy may be low key, but he’s still soaring to new heights. Today, it was announced The Life of Pablo has been certified platinum with its three billion streams. This marks the first album ever to achieve the certification based off streams only. Congrats!

Source: Rap radar

Khalid Performs ‘Location’ on ‘Ellen’

Khalid is having quite a breakout year. After making his television debut on “The Tonight Show” last month, the R&B sensation performed on daytime TV for the very first time on “Ellen.”

Performing his hit song “Location,” the rising crooner serenaded the “Ellen” audience with his smooth vocals, which have taken over the Hot 100 in recent weeks. Singing amid blue lights in front of a band, Khalid also showed off his dance moves.

“Location,” a single off Khalid’s debut American Teen, has been surging on the charts, reaching as high as No. 24 on the Hot 100.

“Location” also recently received an official remix from Lil Wayne and Kehlani. On top of that, Khalid lends vocals to Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4.”

Not bad for a 19-year-old artist who just released his first album, which retraces his young life. “The album is a compilation of my youth,” he told EW. “The mistakes I’ve made, the heartbreaks I went through, the love that I got, and all the love that I lost.”

Watch Khalid’s soulful “Ellen” set below.


Stream YFN Lucci’s ‘Love Live Nut’ EP

In honor of his late mentor Nut, YFN Lucci unleashes his nine-track EP. Released on Tuesday (April 4), Long Live Nut is dedicated to the man who helped give the rising MC his start.

“Nut was my big homie, he meant the world to me,” says YFN. “None of my success would be possible without him. He introduced me to Fly, who signed me to his Think Its a Game label. I met Nut 5 years ago through a friend. He was big in the streets—he the type of man you needed to link with when you came to Atlanta.

“He heard my music and said, ‘I’m gonna make sure you get on.’ When he asked who my favorite rappers were,” he added, “I named Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and Drake. He said, ‘You’re harder than all of them. I listen to only you and Boosie.’ He started taking me with him to the club every night. He would introduce me to everyone and get my music played. He was killed January 10th, 2015. It was right after I dropped my mixtape in mid-December. He got killed right before I had my first real show.”

YFN remembers Nut on the cover of his EP, too. Accompanied by Nut’s son, Lucci visits his big homie’s gravesite, leaving roses behind for his fallen leader.

The effort also features appearances from Rick Ross, Boosie Badazz, Lil Durk, Dreezy, Trae Pound, and PnB Rock, who guests on the single “Everyday We Lit.”

The Marc Diamond-directed video for the latter is a departure from the album’s somber inspiration. Surrounded by sunshine, palm trees, and gorgeous women on a yacht, Lucci and PnB explain why they stay lit every day.

“The last twelve months of my life has been just like the title of my song,” YFN told The FADER. “Literally, everyday has been lit. PnB and I shot the video in Miami. We was in the hood, we had a yacht, big ass mansion with beautiful women, and we even had a little island. I fuck with that boy PnB, he got the women and I got the streets so with the two of us, it had to be lit.”