New Music: The Lox feat. Rick Ross – ‘Feel My Pain’

The Lox and Rick Ross unite.

Fresh off their protest anthem “What Happens?,” the Warlocks from Yonkers link up with Rozay on “Feel My Pain,” a rags-to-riches celebration.

Over smooth production, each spitter raps about “million-dollar dreams” to match the hook’s theme. Styles P, for instance, reflects on his rise to stardom and success despite doubters and odds.

“Told my mother if I die today I lived like a king,” he rhymes. “I ain’t sleep a lot but I lived out my dreams / Came from the streets with the dealers and the fiends / Couple people thought I wouldn’t outlive my teens.”

“Feel My Pain” is likely a song off the group’s upcoming third studio album, which currently has no release date. It is rumored to be titled We Are the Streets 2, a sequel to their last album, 2000’s We Are the Streets.

Last week, Sheek Louch posted LP updates on Instagram, sharing shots in the studio with Timbaland, Just Blaze, and DJ Premier.

Listen to “Feel My Pain” below.

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Meek Mill Talks Drake Beef, Taking an "L", Nicki Minaj, Dreamchasers 4

My Mixtapez released an in-depth interview with Meek Mill on Saturday, [August 13] in which he sets the record straight on whether or not he feels like his release of Dreamchasers 4 signifies him rebounding from a loss. During his chat with Charm LaDonna, Meek elaborated on the question by presenting the bigger picture, reminding fans that he brought his mother from public housing to the suburbs and took his day-one friends from peddling bikes to jets. In the larger context of his life, Meek explains, he’s gotten too far along from where he came to view a battle with Drake as a pitfall.

“I come from the lower class. If you think I’m losing, people from where I come from, they don’t think I’m losing,” he told LaDonna, who earlier presented her own come up and family circumstance with a brother facing life, in identifying with the rapper’s angle. “I feel like, in the streets, you could duck a thousand bullets. You know how many guns been pointed my way? Bullets thrown in the way of me which I came out of when the smoke cleared? How many cops plotted, and arrests that they put upon me that I came out of? So you know, like, what? A song talking about somebody, your girl’s tour? That can’t affect me.”

Earlier in the interview, Meek gave his perspective on some of the content of Drake’s bars that many felt placed him over the Philly rapper in the battle, specifically the rhyme about him tagging along on Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour. Proclaiming the point of view of the streets, Meek broke down how where he’s from there is nobody mad about a young man who has a self-sustaining woman riding with him. “Where I come from, like, you know we come up, when you get money a lot of guys, they end up, you end up, got to take care of girls, they ain’t got nothing, they don’t got no hustle for theyself, you know what I’m saying? They just taking out of your pocket and things like that,” said Meek. “Was that funny? I thought that was like, live for me to have a girl that’s like getting more money than me, that’s doing a bigger tour than me.”

In defending his effort in the rivalry, Meek didn’t hesitate to distinguish who he knows he has to appeal to. While doing so, he also sent a couple of indirect shots at the competition, stating: “I tried to come in with like the real n***a approach, like tried to change them but it’s too many against one. I was talking to Jay, he was like ‘yo man don’t be going on that internet arguing with them, you can’t win’.”


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Southern Legend OG Ron C Says Drake is Headed for GOAT Status

Drake is on the path to be classified in the same category as the greats like the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, according to legendary Houston DJ OG Ron C.

The southern DJ said Drake will be one of the biggest rappers of all time during an interview with the LaunchDon Podcast. “I think a person like Drake is headed to G.O.A.T. status because they’re reaching everybody,” he said. “He reaches any type of person. If we just want to section if off, not in race but for genres, of what people like as far as Trap, as far as the lovers, as far as the average day modern day worker, as far as the Pop, as far as the Reggae people, Dancehall and all that. Like, what artist is? It confuses me when I’m seeing the critics, [when] they giving him a hard time, ‘Oh, he whining on this song,’ or ‘Oh, he doing this on that song.”

OG Ron C is a pioneer in Houston who founded Swishahouse, a label that housed artists like Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire. It also helped to usher in the city’s signature chopped and screwed sound. Drake has a close relationship with him and once featured him on his OVO Sound Beats 1 Radio Show. He even released a chopped and screwed version of Drake’s latest album titled “Codeine Views.”


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Autistic Fan Who Went Viral For Full MJ Fit, is Sent Gifts From Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan took a moment out of his schedule to call one of his biggest fans on Friday [August 12], and with a new wardrobe of Jordan gear to boot, provided the lucky guy with a means to stay in uniform with his idol. As many as 10,000 retweets and likes have given an indication of just how many people became familiar with Jeffrey Harrison’s affinity for #23, after a clip went viral trolling the 33-year-old for balling in Jordan’s full, authentic, Bull’s get-up began going viral in early July. The video has become a heartfelt story since news got out that his pick-up game peers have come to know Harrison, who is autistic, for his obsession with the NBA great.

“Continue to believe in yourself, play hard and always remember to enjoy the game. Your friend, Michael Jordan,” reads a note personally written by Jordan. Harrison received the message on a card that came with a box bearing everything from t-shirts to jerseys, sneakers, and slippers, courtesy of Jordan himself.

Jordan’s good will gesture comes on the heels of a series of altruistic endeavors that began with him contributing donations to organizations working to help community-police relations after he spoke out about racial tensions and the alarming rise of documented incidents of police brutality. Just last week Jordan was in the news again, when he made a $5 million donation to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.


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New Music: The Game – ‘Sauce’

The “Sauce” is hot. The Game unleashes some fiery bars on his latest song, which kicks off with an intro from DJ Khaled. Over a grungy guitar riff, the Compton spitter rhymes about being bipolar (“Half Gandhi, half schizo”), the Grammys (“They gave away my Grammy, gave it to Missy / I was too gangsta and they ain’t understand me”), and even the Kardashians (“Then I fu**ed three Kardashians, hold that thought”).

He sums it up with a Jay Z-inspired line: “I got 99 problems, but the sauce ain’t one.”

Game is working on his album 1992 and just last month, he dropped his Block Wars soundtrack. He will also head out on the road on the “1992: Block Wars Tour,” starting Aug. 26 in Oakland.

Hear him put some “Sauce” on it.

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Damian Lillard Spits a Freestyle in The "SoGoneChallenge"

Aside from being a two-time All-Star and franchise star for the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard is also a talented rapper.

Lillard first showed off his talents by creating #4BarFridays where he would kick out 4 bars and post the best ones from his fans and fellow athletes. Now he’s taking part in another social media rap challenge called the #SoGoneChallenge where people kick a freestyle over Monica’s hit song “So Gone.”

Chance The Rapper participated, and his freestyle was well received.

Lillard may have a successful basketball career, but he may have a budding rap career ahead of him as well.


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Joe Budden Discusses Drake Beef, Walks Out of Hot 97 Interview

Joe Budden says his Drake beef is over, at least for now.

After dropping four diss records against the 6 God, Jumpoff Joe Beezy has announced that the feud is now done in a new interview with Hot 97, a station Drizzy has also been at odds with.

“It’s been a non-issue for me,” said Joe. “It’s been dead for me. At this point, it’s the fans and the media that’s keeping this going. I don’t have any more bars for him. Well, I do.”

According to Joe, the feud would have continued. “I had a grand presentation to get to, but he ruined it,” Budden said. “I couldn’t get to the end because he kept DMing me.”

Budden also clarified his intentions with the feud, saying he never wanted to “ruin” the 6 God.

“I didn’t say I would ruin Drake,” he said. “Drake is a superstar, a pop superstar. He has transcended hip-hop. There’s nothing that anybody in hip-hop can do singlehandedly to ruin him. Nobody’s oblivious to that.”

Following the conversation about Drake, talk turned to Joe’s “I’ll Name this Podcast Later” podcast and his firing of co-host Marisa Mendez, who coincidentally works on the Hot 97 morning show as well.

“I don’t care to have this conversation,” he said. “I just want to promote the album.”

As talk turned to a past beef with another co-host Peter Rosenberg, who helped launch the “I’ll Name this Podcast Later” vehicle, Budden grew increasingly agitated with the direction of the interview.

“Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points,” he said. “I didn’t know that this would be a complete waste of time.”

Then, saying thank you to the team at Hot 97, he walked up and out of the room. See the whole exchange below.

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3 Bronx Police Repeatedly Punch Man in The Face Trying to Handcuff Him

A disturbing video surfaced on Instagram Friday that appears to show three police officers restraining a man on the ground.  Two of the officers are holding the man down with their hands and knees, and one of the officers repeatedly punches and knees the man in the head while putting handcuffs on him.

According to the New York Daily News, the video was recorded on May 4 and shows a violent struggle between 27-year old Darnell Simmons and three officers who were reportedly arresting him for a series of burglaries he allegedly committed in Manhattan and the Bronx, according to an NYPD spokesman.

Simmons also had a parole warrant when cops confronted him inside a McDonald’s on Eastchester Rd. in the Bronx.  The video released shows Simmons already subdued.  The cop who is seen repeatedly punching Simmons has been identified by law enforcement as Officer Matthew Wright.  At one point, Wright knees Simmons in the face as he squirms on the restaurant’s bloodied floor.  Another cop is seen holding Simmons down; that cop has a cut on his head and has been identified by sources as Officer Billy Acosta.  In the video, the suspect tried to block the blows to his face but doesn’t appear to be resisting arrest.

After the clip had begun to go viral, police said they have a longer video showing the suspect busting one of the cop’s noses.  The NYPD however, did not immediately respond to a request from NYDN to release the full video.

Cops said that before Simmons was taken into custody, he attacked Wright, breaking the cop’s nose.  Officer Acosta suffered two herniated discs, as well as other minor injuries, reportedly while struggling with Simmons.  Both Wright and Acosta were taken to Jacobi Hospital.  Wright needed plastic surgery to repair his broken nose and also received several staples to close deep cuts to his head, according to police and court documents.  A police source says five witnesses called 911, claiming that two cops were being beaten.

Simmons was also taken to Jacobi Hospital with minor injuries.  He was later charged with multiple counts of assault, menacing, and disorderly conduct.  He also has the burglary charges pending against him in court, according to officials.

NYPD spokesman Peter Donald said Friday the incident was referred to the Civilian Complaint Review Board for review around the time it occurred and was subsequently closed. The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting a further investigation of the incident.


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Kevin Hart to Diss Jay Z, Future and Drake on New Album

Kevin Hart inked a new album deal with Motown and he’s gearing up to release an album as his rap alter ego Chocolate Droppa.

Billboard broke the story, and Hart announced his plans for his rap career which include him taking on some of the biggest rappers in the game. “Coming back to take what’s mine/Drake,Future,Jay Z, 2 Chainz/I’m about to smack all y’all on the behind/I let y’all sucks eat, but I’m hungry now,” rapped Hart in a video promoting the deal.

The comedian took to social media a day before the announcement to let his fans know that he’s got a new mixtape coming. “If you’re a rapper I suggest you run because I’m about to come for all of you sucka’s…Y’all just knocked on the door of a small giant that loves chicken nuggets and long walks in the park in the summer..which basically means that I will kill everybody!!!Real Rap Raw mothaf**ka’sssss….Who wants war????Raise yo hand Bitches…that’s what I though…Droppa Motha F**ka’s!!!!,” he wrote on Instagram. Kevin Hart debuted his Chocolate Droppa persona a few years back when he made a video battling T-Pain.


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