NRA Trolls Kim Kardashian, Uses Paris Robbery to Promote Right to Bear Arms

The NRA is using the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery as a springboard to promote the right to bear arms.

The organization’s Twitter account attempted to blame Kardashian being robbed on the strict gun laws in Paris, France. “Wait, criminals held @KimKardashian at gunpoint in Paris? How is that possible? Does anyone know if they passed a background check first?,” the NRA wrote. “It’s shocking that these criminals did not subject themselves to Paris’ strict #guncontrol laws before committing this awful crime.” More statements made by the organization were sparked by an activist for @MomsDemand  Shannon Watts who created a post that called for stricter gun laws. The NRA replied with some comments referencing the robbery. “Stronger gun laws…like the ones they have in Paris? No #NRA expresses confusion about how this happened. Guns aren’t really allowed in Paris so…Paris after all, is basically one big gun-free zone,” the NRA wrote.

Kardashian was robbed this week in her Paris apartment by five men, two dressed as police officers who held a gun to the reality star and took $10 million worth of jewelry. Kardashian has hinted at being a gun control supporter who posted about the issue back in June around the Orlando nightclub shooting. “Under current federal law people on terror watch lists can legally buy guns- this is called the Terror Gap,” she wrote.



White Suburban Mom Cries and Goes on a Rant About Vince Staples Song

A white suburban mother heard Vince Staple’s “Norf Norf” on a mainstream radio station and went on a rant about it that’s now viral.

The woman posted the video to YouTube where she bashes the content of the song and cries over the youth being subjected to the music she believes is bad for them. She also says she prefers to listen to Christian music in the video, but that her daughter insisted on hearing the mainstream station one day while driving with her. That’s how she ended up hearing Vince Staples. “This is on our local radio station, this crap is being played,” she said. “I couldn’t believe the words that I was listening to. As a mom, it infuriated me.”

She was so angered by the songs lyrics that she had to make a video talking about it. She even looked up the lyrics to the song and recited them during the video. And unlike the radio edit, she recited all of the curse words including the N-bomb. To see the rest of her rant check out the video above.



Dr. Umar Johnson Talks America's War Against the Black Man

As an educator and former principal, Dr. Umar Johnson takes the time to discuss the appropriateness of #TeacherBae’s form fitting attire. While DJ Vlad feels that the elementary school teacher was not dressed to suit her profession Umar asserts, “the way she’s dressed is relatively conservative compared to the way I see many teachers dress.” He goes to say that she shouldn’t be penalized for having a curvaceous body, and questions who is to blame in this scenario the employee or the system that allows teachers to wear what they’d like to school each day. He does, however, feel that the attire would be unacceptable if she were teaching anywhere from sixth to twelfth grade.

He then uses how the Black man in society is criminalized in America to strengthen his point about who is responsible for enabling certain behaviors. “How about the system? That creates the reality; that necessitates that I commit a crime…desperation would make me consider going to the corner to sell that package; which is why we have to be very careful about blaming the person or separating them from the context in which the behavior took place. The context in which she wore that dress is that the unions in that school district make it allowable.”

The self-proclaimed Pan-African also dives into why when his school, The Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy, is built he will not be hiring Black teachers who are interracial romantic relationships. His belief is that it is important for Black students to see the strengthen of healthy and positive Black relationships. And he explains the statistics on Black men marrying outside their race, Black women ranking amongst the lowest when it comes to marriage, and how that is an effect of self-hate in some sense. He also then explains why he does not feel a child can be biracial, and why it is hard for white mothers to be honest to their Black children.


Lil Wayne and Kevin Hart BET Cypher

Lil Wayne joined Kevin Hart for a freestyle session at the BET Hip-Hop Awards this week.

Hart appeared as his rap alter ego Chocolate Droppa and laid down about two minutes of hilarious bars. Wayne started out the freestyle with shouting out his partner in rhyme and then burst into some of the most aggressive bars he’s spit in years. “I watch my dad get buried, I watch my ex-get married, I used to pop ex with Paris,” Wayne rapped. “I made her lay next to Sarah. We used to have sex on camera. I used to pop ex and viagra. And act like it was natural stamina.”

Hart didn’t take Wayne’s bars lightly and came with some heat of his own with a comedic twist. “That anger’s at an all time high. I eat my bread I’m talking rye,” rapped Hart. “Money coming out of duffle bags. Look at your boy. In the duffle bag.” The cypher was one of the few in the show’s history to only feature two emcees. It was hosted by DJ Drama who played along with Hart’s comedic antics during the performance. Hart also used the opportunity to promote his new movie “What Now?”



Rap Radar Podcast: Prodigy

Halfway Cook

On and off mic, Prodigy of Mobb Deep has been putting his lifetime in between the paper lines. And recently, he returned to the literary world with his new book, Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook. The book features recipes and anecdotes from his three year bid. Putting down the apron, P discusses his culinary skills, Mobb Deep, their classic catalogue, Diddy, verses, past beefs, new media, & more. Subscribe on iTunes here.

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