Tyga’s Maybach Repossessed Days After Ferrari Repo

Tyga’s repo saga continues.

Just days after his Ferrari was repossessed, T-Raww had a Maybach repo’d too.

Insiders say that the “Rack City” rapper’s 2014 Maybach 62S Landaulet got towed a couple of days ago to a Laguna Niguel repair shop. It was repossessed after T-Raww missed a couple of payments on the ride, as per TMZ. Tyga reportedly had the $2.2 million car for a couple of years prior to the repo.

It’s been an eventful week for T-Raww and his cars. On Tuesday (Aug. 30), King Gold Chains’ Ferrari was repo’d after he missed payments on it. But his girlfriend Kylie Jenner made up for the loss by surprising him with a $300,000 Bentley Bentayga.

However, the two repo’d cars are part of a long history of repossessed vehicles. The same thing has happened a few more times in recent months, including a Bentley Mulsanne in February and a Lamborghini Aventador in April.

Beyond that, Tyga’s had similar issues with a Malibu home after falling $480,000 in the hole for unpaid rent and damages. He settled a lawsuit with the landlord for that crib last month.

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New Music: Travis Scott feat. Lil Uzi Vert – ‘RaRa’

Straight up!

Still celebrating the release of Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Travis Scott unleashes “RaRa,” a Lil Uzi Vert collaboration that didn’t make the LP.

“I’m famous now,” raps Uzi over the 808 Mafia production. “Told my ni**a ‘hold my gun’ / Diamonds cost so much / Smoking that gas, I gotta hold my guns / Damn, you thought she was the one / Told that girl to hold her tongue.”

“RaRa” was intended to be on Birds, but it didn’t make it in the end. “IM GIVING THAT AWAY,” tweeted Scott. “IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ON THE ALBUM I DIDNT FINISH IT. TIME.”

Released Friday through .wav radio, Birds is a star-studded effort featuring André 3000, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz, Bryson Tiller, Kid Cudi, Quavo, 21 Savage, Cassie, and more.

Stream the full album here and listen to “RaRa” below.

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Drake Releases "Childs Play" Mini-Movie Featuring Tyra Banks

Drake has just released a video for his single “Childs Play,” off of his album “Views” and it doesn’t disappoint. From dining and arguing at what looks to be the Cheesecake Factory with Tyra Banks, to ending up at V Live Houston, Drake makes sure to play on all the emotions felt in the song.

In the video, Tyra is first seen going through Drake’s phone while he is in the restroom. Once he sits down to continue their lovely dinner, she digs into him screaming she’s tired of him, and then proceeds to smash cheesecake in his face before pouring wine all over him. Even with the arguing Tyra and Drake display great chemistry in the video. The 12-minute long video has appearances from Jas Prince, OBO Brian, and the OVO crew who accompany Drake to a night at his favorite strip club V Live Houston.

Check out the full video above.

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R.I.P. Jerry Heller


Former N.W.A. manager, Jerry Heller, passed way on Friday at a hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA. He was 75. According to the AP, Heller’s cousin said he suffered a heart attack while driving.

Alongside the late Eazy-E, Heller co-founded Ruthless Records and released N.W.A,’s debut Straight Outta Compton under the imprint. In 2006, he released his memoir, Ruthless. Last year, he was portrayed by Paul Giamatti in the group’s biopic, Straight Outta Compton.  He later sued NBC Universal for defamation.

So far, none of the surviving N.W.A. members have commented on his passing. Condolences to his friends and family.

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Lawrence Taylor Arrested for DUI After Side Swiping a Patrol Car

NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor’s name resurfaced in the news for reasons the public had once come to expect, on Friday, [September 2] after hitting a motorhome and side swiping a Florida Highway patrol car in Palm Beach County. Taylor was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI.

The accident occurred at around 5:20 p.m., when while driving in his Bentley, the New York Giants great attempted to turn on to the Florida Turnpike but wound up plowing into the RV, before brushing the side of the patrol car, which was parked on the shoulder of the highway. He was tested for his alcohol level and failed the sobriety test, at which point according to the police report, Taylor admitted that he had been drinking.

Taylor’s troubles with the law have been long documented, with a 1989 incident involving the former line-backer falling asleep at the wheel and subsequently failing a breathalyzer test, marking the beginning of a long, public battle with substance abuse. He last found himself behind bars for patronizing an underage prostitute, for which he received a six-year probation sentence.

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Police Move In After Jay Electronica Calls 1000 Fans to Rush the Stage

The Budweiser Made in America festival kicked off with a show stopper on Saturday [September 3], after officers from the Philadelphia police department were summoned to break up a crowd of what was estimated to be 1,000 fans who bum-rushed the stage during Jay Electronica’s set. No arrests were made, but the surge of people, who mobbed around the New Orleans emcee at his own request, did mark the end of Jay’s appearance.

As a last-minute addition to the roster of 30 artists performing at the two-day event, Jay Elect wasn’t expected to draw the kind of crowd that showed up for his performance at his particular Stage, but thanks to the help of Philly rapper Lil Uzi Vert, whose concert antics have cultivated a base of wild followers, he got an audience that was game for the anarchy that ensued. Prior to Electronica taking the stage, Lil Uzi is reported to have put on a show that involved him walking railings, climbing statues, and leading fans to chase him around as he performed. Many of those present for Jay Electronica’s set had come about behind Uzi, who was seen prancing among them.

Video of the moment fans broke the stage barrier shows Jay encouraging them over. “If you’re scared stay down there, if you’re not scared come up here with me. Come up here with me. All of my people, come up here with me,” he hollered, as they began to trickle through, then eventually blitz forward. “Yo, let’s try to come at this motherf***ing stage. Let’s try to tear this b***h down!” With the stage packed and jumping, the loudspeaker began ordering people to disperse and security made it’s way up.

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Donald Trump Tries to "Fit In" at Black Church in Detroit

Donald Trump continued with his efforts to reach Black voters on Saturday [September 3], attending service and speaking before the congregation of a predominantly African-American church in Detroit. The presidential candidate prayed, danced, and observed along with worshipers with whom he’d greet, chat, and take photos with, before delivering a message that he hopes will gain the trust of the largely Democrat voting block.

“The African-American faith community has been one of God’s greatest gifts to America and its people,” Trump said while overlooking the pews of the Great Faith Ministries nondenominational church. In contrast to the inflammatory rhetoric the nation has come to acquaint with his orations throughout his GOP campaign, Trump struck a harmonious tone, making mention of low wages, unemployment, and crime in an attempt to package what he is calling a “new civil rights agenda.” Before concluding his speech with the passage from 1 John 4:12, Trump touched on mending some of the social divisions his rivals have cited he himself for being in part responsible for stoking, stating, “We talk past each other and not to each other. And those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what’s going on.”

Trump has pressed to build some kind of momentum in the Black community over the past month after July polls showed his support among them tallying at around 1%. While his strategy to paint Clinton as a political opportunist using Black voters, while promising to get tough on violent crimes and commit to lowering unemployment has helped his campaign see a slight gain, Trump’s favorability among Black voters, as estimated across polls, remains in the low single digits.

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Video: Drake – ‘Childs Play’

Bounce that shit like woah. Drake pulls out all the stops in the cinematic video for “Child’s Play,” the latest release off his chart-topping album Views.

The 12-minute clip, co-directed by Drake and Spiff TV, features Tyra Banks, who plays his girlfriend. The couple is eating at Cheesecake Factory (of course) in the opening scene. When Drake goes to the bathroom, she grabs his phone and checks his texts. When she discovers that he’s been cheating on her, she wilds out at the restaurant.

“I am tired of you, Aubrey,” she says while loudly clapping her hands.

In a dramatic showing, she then shoves a fistful of mashed potatoes into his face and dumps a glass of wine on him. “Cheers, boo,” she says before getting up and storming out.

The clip then cuts to famed strip club V Live in Houston where Drake affiliate OB O’Brien aka the Texas Hammer Jr. plays the club manager. “It’s Hammer time,” he tells the strippers, with names like Infectious, Honey, Coco, Merlot, and Champagne.

Then the ladies go to work, showing off their impressive skills on the pole as money rains down onto the floor.

Spiff TV recently spoke to Billboard about the visual. “The ‘Childs Play’ video is gonna be epic,” he said. “Drake had the vision and it’s gonna be special. Like the way Michael Jackson used to shoot his videos. Together, we killed the shit. You’ll be surprised to see the cameo and the lead roles.”

Next up, Drake plans to debut his short film Please Forgive Me on Sept. 30. That clip was directed by Drake and Anthony Mandler and features a score by Noah “40” Shebib.

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