911 Calls Describing Adrien Broner Shooting Leak

Eight bullet holes were reportedly accounted for in the SUV Adrien Broner was driving the night he was gunned for outside of a Westwood bar, and ten 9-mm shell casings were found at the scene. But how many shots were actually fired remains a mystery.

When detailing the shooting, Broner explains that he initially didn’t even realize he was being shot at, figuring the cracking sound might have been from the music, as he blasted his radio down the streets of Cincinnati. And as it turns out, he wasn’t the only one within the vicinity for whom it didn’t immediately occur that gunshots were ringing out. “I don’t really know what gunshots sound like…but it sounded like it might be that,” said one of the 911 callers, who phoned in to report what they had heard around the time of the incident.

TMZ released the emergency calls made to the police that night, and it seemed as though those on the other line just couldn’t reach a similar estimate of exactly how many times they might have heard a gun go off. Their guesses ranged from the 5 or 6 number and a possible 10, or 20.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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All the Tracks on Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." Make Billboard Hot 100

Since it’s release, DAMN has, for many, solidified Kendrick Lamar as one of the greatest emcees to ever come along. But while the 14-track LP is without a doubt a testament to the Compton rapper’s artistry, there are many who’ve struggled to stack it up against his three previous albums, at least one of which [and many would contend, two] has been universally regarded as classic. In spite of such critiques, the project continues to outdo expectations, landing Kenny his first number one hit with “Humble,” which is followed up with wherever each song from DAMN lands along the Billboard Top 100.

That every-single-track off of the album has landed on the chart, would be correct. In fact, all of DAMN’s material comes in among the top 70 titles listed. The order reads as follows:

“HUMBLE” is No. 1
“DNA” is No. 4
“LOYALTY” is No. 14
“ELEMENT” is No. 16
“LOVE” is No. 18
“YAH” is No. 32
“XXX” is No. 33
“FEEL” is No. 35
“PRIDE” is No. 37
“LUST” is No. 42
“FEAR” is No. 50
“BLOOD” is No. 54
“GOD” is No. 58
“DUCKWORTH” is No. 63

While the fact that where each track lands on the chart relative to the next, aligns perfectly with the actual order of the tracklist, probably has to do with how the dynamics of music streaming plays out; getting your whole album on the singles list is an exceptional feat, digital era or otherwise. Only Drake, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd did it before K Dot. Thus, if having bested Drizzy’s More Life as the year’s highest selling debut hasn’t proven that in addition to its critical acclaim, DAMN is doing numbers, its positioning among the most popular songs in music today certainly does.

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Chicago Louis Vuitton Store Burglary is Captured on Video

A smash-and-grab robbery that took place in Chicago early Monday morning, April 24, was captured on video, and shows the five thieves involved as they storm through the shattered Louis Vuitton storefront and evacuate the store with high-end bags valued in the thousands.

The incident is said to have taken place shortly after midnight on Magnificent Mile. By the time police arrived at the 919 N. Michigan Ave. location, they had long been gone, leaving behind the vehicle they used to ram through the glass, and swerving off in an SUV. Their truck would smash into an Uber car as it made its getaway, but nobody inside of it at the moment was hurt.

Police have yet to have taken anybody into custody for the heist.

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U.S. Loses Trade Deal with Mexico Over Tuna, Costing Country $163 Million

After news came of the Trump administration failing to pass an executive order to cut funding from “sanctuary cities,” his administration managed to lose a trade battle with Mexico. The reason: tuna fish. Because the administration lost the battle, the cost will be $163 million dollars in sanctions pressed by the World Trade Organization. The organization ruled in favor of Mexico, allowing them to push trade sanctions that will cost the US close to 200 million dollars. That amount of money is how much Mexico lost from the United States unjustly inflicting a penalty on Mexican tuna.

Before this loss, officials in Mexico said that laws in the United States discriminated against the tuna they produced, and that other countries participating in trading with the US did not face the same amount of scrutiny. The United States made it clear that any Mexican tuna to be sold US stores and shops had to be “dolphin safe,” which means no dolphins were harmed by fisherman. The loss of the trade battle with Mexico is another situation to add to the list of issues Trump has been facing since being in office, which is especially troubling considering his decisions made against the environment as well as other countries in his first 100 days.

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