New Music: D.R.A.M. feat. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J – ‘Gilligan’

Six months after releasing his debut album Big Baby D.R.A.M., D.R.A.M. rounds up A$AP Rocky and Juicy J for his new single “Gilligan.” The bouncy banger, which was previewed during Coachella weekend, finds the “Broccoli” rapper pulling inspiration from the ’60s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island.”

Meanwhile, Juicy J sets it off with some strip club-ready rhymes, while Rocky pays homage to Killa Cam and “makes it rain like the weatherman.”

After making his Coachella debut last week, D.R.A.M. will return to the desert for Weekend 2 on Saturday (Apr. 22).

Head to an island with “Gilligan” below.


Serena Williams Is Pregnant!

Serena Williams announced that she’s 20 weeks pregnant on Snapchat!

Then, the King of cable news, Bill O’Reilly is out at FOX News after multiple sexual harassment allegations were made against him. Find out what Wendy thinks he should do now.

Plus, Wendy tells us about her appearance on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out.

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Tiny Addresses Relationship with T.I. on ‘Wendy’

Last night, T.I. and Tiny kicked off the final season of their VH1 reality series, “The Family Hustle.” This morning, Tiny spoke about the season, which is set to chronicle their potential divorce, on “Wendy.”

Asked about whether the relationship turmoil is merely a ploy for ratings, Tiny denied those rumors. “That’s what you think?” she asked. “No.”

According to the Xscape songstress, the relationship has been marred by trouble for some time, trouble that she believes was exasperated by their presence on television. “I think reality TV did put a little strain in it because it keeps people in your business,” she said. “I felt like it was a family show so it would be cool but it just seems like everything turns out to be in the media.

“We just cannot keep it together,” she added. “I guess it’s just the entertainment life and everything. It’s just a lot. It is a fast life. They call him a sex symbol, I guess.”

Just as rumors of a reconciliation have popped up, rumors of T.I.’s affair with model Bernice Burgos have also made headlines. Calling her “someone that comes and is gone,” Tiny said Burgos was not to blame for the divorce filing in December.

“He’s not even with her,” she said. “She had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us before anyway. We were already going through whatever we were going through. She just came in the picture after I filed for divorce.”

Rumors of Tiny’s alleged affair with Floyd Mayweather have also come up again in recent months, particularly when a video surfaced of the two dancing together.

“I wasn’t up on him,” she explained. “Actually, I was already dancing. We’re friends. It’s never been anything extra with me and Floyd. Never. I’ve been knowing Floyd for a long time. He’s a nice looking man but it’s never been anything other than a friendship.”

While she denies infidelity on her end, Tiny said their relationship did have some issues. “We were married and we did what we wanted to do,” she said. At one point, she added: “We don’t have anything now.”

Aside from the show and her possible divorce, Tiny is currently focused on a reunion tour with Xscape, in which they’ll perform past hits. She also recently started a record label, Pretty Hustle. Her first artist is her daughter, Zonnique.


BJ the Chicago Kid and Tiara Thomas Celebrate 4/20 on ‘I Be High’

Inhale, exhale. BJ the Chicago Kid and Tiara Thomas roll up for 4/20 with “I Be High,” a melodic mid-tempo weed anthem that blends soothing harmonies with plenty of smoke.

Tiara kicks off the track with some raunchy eyebrow-raising rhymes. “I know it’s hard for ya,” she raps. “Put a middle finger up when they start to judge / Put a finger in the butt when we start to fuck.”

From there, Tiara and BJ get smooth while talking about their medicinal habits. “I don’t give a fuck,” they sing together. “You know I be high.”

Then The Chicago Kid keeps the marijuana boasts rolling with his verse. “You know I roll up the best,” he sings. “Shoutout to my connect.” Later, he adds: “Inhale, ni**a / Exhale, ni**a.”

“I Be High” follows BJ’s Usher Confessions tribute and December’s The Lost Files: Cuffing Season. After hitting up Coachella over the weekend, he is now wrapping up the follow-up to last year’s In My Mind.

Meanwhile, Tiara just dropped her acoustic EP Don’t Mention My Name last month.


New Music: Gucci Mane – ‘Coachella’

Fresh off his show-stopping set at Coachella, Gucci Mane shows that he’s ready for Weekend 2 of the festival with his latest banger.

Aptly titled “Coachella,” Guwop’s newest cut was produced by the all-star team of Murda Beatz, TM88, and !llmind. It may be an ode to the Cali fest, but the Wopster still keeps his cool on the track.

“Cold weather, just performed at Coachella,” he raps. “It’s a cold summer, so I’ma paint the Lam’ yella / Brr!”

Beyond rhyming about being an eskimo who lives in the snow, La Flare also uses the song to name-check a fellow Coachella performer, La Flame. “I pulled out the parking lot,” he raps. “This bitch won’t pick up the phone, she must think I’m Travis Scott / Gucci so dope, like they pulled him out the pot.”

Aside from getting ready for Coachella’s second weekend, the “Make Love” MC is continuing his “TrapGod Tour.” Featuring Playboi Carti and Dreezy, the trek is slated to run through May 6 in Austin.

The 1017 Eskimo Records boss is currently prepping for his new album DropTopWop, his book The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, and an indie film with Rick Ross.


Kolyon on Getting Shot in the Spine, Bullet Lodged, Told He was Paralyzed

Kolyon, aka Koly P, opened up to VladTV about taking a break from rapping for several years after getting shot in the stomach and the bullet hitting his spine. The Florida rapper explained that the shooting took place after all of his close friends were killed in a matter of months. He then revealed that he was told he would be paralyzed, but he pulled through, and years later Kolyon removed the bullet from his spine.

During the conversation, Kolyon spoke about meeting Kodak Black in his studio and how the budding rapper inspired him to get back into rapping. To hear more of what Kolyon had to say, hit the above clip.


Illinois Judge Denies Kevin Gates' Bail

An Illinois judge denied rapper Kevin Gates’ bail on Wednesday, April 19th. Gates, currently in Kendall County jail on a felony weapons charge, was scheduled for a March 24 release after serving 180 days at Polk County Jail in Florida but was held on outstanding warrants in Illinois.

It’s unclear why he was denied bond.



Cleaning Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Easy!

The birds are chirping, the days are longer, and the flowers are blooming. It finally feels like winter is gone for good, and spring has sprung! At last, you can depart from your winter hibernation and get outside. Just one thing: your house is filled with dust, germs, and all of the other leftover fragments of winter.

This year, Spring-cleaning doesn’t have to be so bad. We picked out our favorite DIY cleaning hacks!

Shower Cleaner

Shower in a bathroom

We are pretty sure that cleaning the bathroom is the most daunting task when it comes to cleaning. The bathroom needs the most disinfecting out of any room in the house, so it takes the longest. To get rid of all the germs and bacteria, you end up using tons of chemicals that result in eye and lung irritation. Joyful Homemaking came up with a painless solution to the most difficult part of the bathroom cleaning process.


Purchase a fillable dish wand, and fill it with half vinegar, half dish liquid soap. Run some water in the shower, and scrub it down. When you’re done, rinse the washing solution off. That’s it!

DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Woman cleaning windows

What can’t disinfectant wipes clean up?! They are easy to have in your car, the bathroom, and the kitchen. They are also expensive. Luckily, DIY Home Sweet Home came up with a cheap solution, and it doesn’t involve harmful chemicals.


You’ll need three things: paper towels (the select-a-size ones), vinegar, and airtight container (like a baby or makeup wipe container). Begin by folding the paper towels like an accordion until you’ve used enough to fill your container. Fill the container with one cup of vinegar. Once the paper towels soak up all of the liquid, your DIY disinfectant wipes are ready for use!

How to Clean a Mattress

Mattress and bed in the bedroom interior

You probably clean your sheets every other week. No? OK, you should get on that. Germs are crawling all over the bed, and you spend a good amount of time on that thing! With who knows what else goes on in that bed, cleaning the mattress is probably a chore that is well overdue. Leave it to the super Mom from Mom 4 Real to figure out how get a clean mattress!


Sprinkle mattress deodorizer all over the mattress. If you have any stains on the mattress, it’s recommended to spray your favorite stain remover spray on it. Loosen up the stain by massaging it with a clean cloth. Give the deodorizer time to absorb any lingering odors, and then vacuum up the deodorizer. You’ll be left with a clean, great smelling mattress.

Spring Smelling Home

Pretty young teenage girl relaxing on a grass

We all understand the importance of cleaning your home. After all that hard work, you are left with the nagging smell of bleach or vinegar for the next few hours. You first instinct is to open a window. This can be OK, unless it’s a terrible allergy day. Then, all of the dust and pollen will blow into your home after you just cleaned it. All that hard work gone to waste! Next time you want your home smelling clean, try this easy blend from The DIY Playbook.


For this specific spring concoction, you’ll need vanilla extract, 2 lemon slices, one bunch of mint, and one bunch of rosemary. Throw everything in a pot of water on the stovetop, bring it to a boil, then let it simmer on low. The smellation will fill your home, and get rid of those cleaning product smells.

Source: Wendy