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Sheriff David Clarke Calls National Guard To Milwaukee

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker activated the National Guard to be prepared if local police call upon their deployment to the city of Milwaukee on Sunday, [August 15]. The move to involve the reserved military force came by recommendation of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, whose vocal opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement brought him to the forefront of the discourse around crime and police brutality in the Black community, during the height of racial tensions in July. Clarke’s call to action comes after the second day of unrest following the shooting of a 23-year-old Black man police claim to have been armed while fleeing from a traffic stop.

“We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened (Saturday) night. I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that,” Clarke stated. On Sunday there were additional reports of shooting, the destruction of property, and injury, including a car fire, along with the wounding of an 18-year-old male by a bullet, and medical attention sought for a police officer who was hurt when a rock smashed the windshield of his cruiser. It all happened as police in riot gear moved in to disperse a crowd after 11 p.m. Several protesters were reported to have been arrested. Footage from the scene of the uprisings grabbed national headlines, with photos and videos of fires and shooting traveling the web.

“What happened tonight may not have been right, and I am not justifying that, but no one can deny the fact that there are problems, racial problems in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that need to be rectified,” City Alderman Khalif Rainey said. Tempers flared among many, while others in the community came together to assist in the clean-up of the damage and help re-institute calm. “This community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has become the worst place to live for African-Americans in the entire country.”

Local politicians are said to be meeting with community leaders to discuss a strategy on how to move forward, with the potential for even greater angst as investigators prepare to put out their findings on what exactly occurred between the yet identified suspects and police. Officials have said they will be releasing footage from the firing officer’s body camera, as it remains unclear whether at any point the victim in fact reached for a fire arm. In any case, Sheriff Clarke can be expected to take a hard line approach in light of the fact that he has been somewhat anointed to be one of the nation’s spokespersons for law and order, as was indicated by his invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention last month in Cleveland.


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Britney Spears Wants to Find Love on Reality TV


Hot Topics.

Britney Spears reportedly wants to do a dating reality show to find a husband. Is it a mistake?

Then, 67-year-old Lionel Richie says he wants to have more children. Is he too old?

Plus, Bradley Cooper’s mom may have finally approved of a girl he’s dating.

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Tory Lanez Doesn't Think His New Album Will Sell

Interscope/Mad Love Records rapper, Tory Lanez, might have been happy to learn that his single, “Luv,” broke the Billboard Top 40 this week, but he doesn’t seem to be projecting a glass-half-full outlook about how he imagines his album will be received. At least, not according to a prediction he shared on social media over the weekend.

“I’m fairly new to how this “album thing” works. So I’m not expecting much sales wise,” Tory wrote, in a tweet that directs the focus of his followers away from any commercial expectations they may have, and onto his professed artistry. “But Musically my album is the best album this year.”

Lanez has been pushing hard to create a buzz around his August 19 release. By indication of how he’s characterized the work he looks to serve out, the debut will be something of a statement on it having finally arrived, a triumph in the face of his doubters. On paper “I Told You,” looks promising, with contributions from the likes of Kanye West, Mannie Fresh, Ed Sheeran and a cast of other notable producers. But it remains to be seen how his having failed to make nice with the boss up in Toronto will bode for the Canadian rapper, after the numerous shots he and Drake have taken at one another since the 6 god shaded him on his Summer Sixteen tour earlier in the year. Lanez has since come up on fans’ newsfeed with an occasional slight that had OVO fam producer Boi-1da juxtaposing Drake’s four sold-out shows at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, with an artist many assume to be Tory “trolling for attention & record sales.”

On Saturday, Tory put out a random promotional bonus, promising to engage personally with fans who pre-ordered the album. “SEND A PIC OF UR PROOF OF PURCHASE & LEAVE UR # .. IMA FACE TIME U .. IF U HAVE DROID IMA CALL,” he tweeted.


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Son of Former DC Mayor Marion Barry Dies of Drug Overdose

The son of late Washington D.C. politician Marion Barry died of a drug overdose on Saturday, [August 13]. Marion Christopher Barry Jr. was just 36 years old.

Barry, Jr. attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps with a failed 2015 bid for Barry, Sr.’s long-held council seat in the city’s 8th Ward. To his eventual detriment, Jr. was also noted for his battle with drugs and run in’s with the law. He was charged with drug and driving-related violations in 2011, 2013 and 2014 before receiving 12 months probation over an alleged outburst at a bank following his run for office in 2015.

Barry Sr. who got the nickname “Mayor for Life,” was long revered as a political powerhouse who’d serve twice at the head of the nation’s capital, with his first tenure lasting from 1979-1991 [the longest in D.C. history]. Before establishing himself in Washington, Barry Sr. had been a business organizer and school board member with a legendary past involving his work as an organizer during the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. But his legacy took a hit when in 1990 he was busted in an FBI sting that involved him freebasing crack cocaine in the presence of an informant. The story took on a sensational edge as surveillance of the incident got around to circulating the news media.

Barry Jr’s death comes nearly two years after the passing of his father to cardiac arrest in 2014.


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Drake Brings Lebron Up on Stage in Columbus Ohio Tour Stop

Drake revealed a surprise he had waiting for fans attending his Summer Sixteen tour stop in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday night, [August 13] when he brought out the king himself, Lebron James. As is to be expected from the hometown crowd, James walked out onto the Nationwide Arena stage to rousing applause.

“Ohio, if you don’t make some noise for ‘the King’ right now you’re out of your mind,” Drake said as he announced the presence of the Cleveland Cavs captain. He then led the three-time champ into assisting him in hyping the crowd for his performance of “Pop Style,” during which he substituted Lebron’s name in for one of the song’s lyrics, rhyming, “Bronny, Bronny had to handle that one his way.”

Fans in attendance had plenty to cheer about in light of James having signed a three-year, $100 million extension with the Cavs, earlier this week. Lebron returned the love, asking the crowd to clap for the headliner, along with opening act, Future. “And one more time, for the man who came back home and brought a motherfucking championship instead of doing anything different. Make some noise for the King; LeBron James is here tonight. It’s love, man. That’s a hometown hero right there,” Drake then hollered before the crowd saw James off with chants of “MVP!”


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Meek Mill Breaks Silence on Drake Beef, Nicki Minaj, & Taking an ‘L’

Meek Mill breaks his silence.

The MMG spitter has been quiet in interviews following his highly-publicized Drake beef and his legal woes, but he’s finally opening up. In an interview with MyMixtapez, the Philly spitter discussed everything from Nicki Minaj to taking an “L” in his beef with the 6 God.

“When I see an L, that’s what I think about the most,” he explained. “I learned a lot from watching these ni**as that I did a lot for in this industry. I used to always hear people say, ‘This industry’s fake. These ni**as is fake.’ I tried to come in with the real ni**a approach to try to change them, but it’s too many against one.”

Find out the advice he received from Jay Z after the Drake feud and more highlights from the convo below.

On Drake beef: “I remember last year, watching people, everybody going against me about a diss record. I remember looking at it like, ‘Y’all really think this gon’ stop me? You think telling me I’m going on my girlfriend’s tour is gon’ stop me? Is that a joke?’”

On Nicki Minaj: “I thought that was live for me to have a girl that get more money than me, that do a bigger tour that me. I thought that was actually dope, to wake up, go on stage with your girl, make some money, have some good loving at the end of the night. That’s some live shit.”

On Jay Z’s advice: “I was talking to Jay. He was like, ‘Don’t be going on the Internet arguing with them. You can’t win. There’s too many against one. Don’t even try it.’”

On dropping new music: “I’ve been going through real things. I like to take my time. Me? I never let fans determine when I drop my music. I never moved off the word of a fan. People can’t just tell me ‘Drop music tomorrow.’ I don’t do it like that. I move on my own timing.”

On positivity: “I don’t want to always touch on violence all the time. I want to give a message to the young kids: get some money, take care of your family. Growing up, ‘gangsta’ to me was, you had to be robbing, you had to be killing, you had to do a lot of stuff. My new definition of ‘gangsta’ is go get your mom a house.”

On fatherhood: “My son is five years old. He goes to a great school. It amazes me to see my son be able to speak French. I actually got that from Jay Z. I was on a plane with Jay Z one day and he was on FaceTime with his daughter and she was two years old. She was speaking Spanish. To me, I thought that was stuntin’. I was like, ‘That’s just stuntin’ on a whole different type of level.’ The moment I went home, I called up my son’s mom like, ‘We gotta find a new school, a higher level.’ That’s stuntin’.”

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Man Goes Crazy During Road Rage Incident, Says: I'll Pull a Trump On You!

A cyclist in Corona del Mar claims he was in a “sharrow” lane (for bicycles and cars) when an SUV cut him off.  The driver of the vehicle came out and hurled homophobic slurs and threatened the cyclists’ life as he taped the confrontation.

The unidentified cyclist was scared to post the footage himself, so he gave it to his friend Mark Friis who posted to Facebook the video along with the cyclist description of what he says occurred.

The cyclist says he was going 20 mph in the shared lane, staying four feet to the left of parked cars to avoid hitting them.

A white Ford Escape passed within a foot of me to my left while honking its horn. After passing me the Ford moved right and applied it’s brakes to block my way. Because I could not slow down and go to the right of him, I was forced into the #1 lane to move around him. As I passed by him on the left, his window was rolled up and he was flipping me off. After I was in front of him I moved back to the same position in the #2 lane and proceeded northbound on PCH. The same Ford then blew by me on the left and his right-hand mirror touched my left elbow as he passed. He was yelling at me through his window that was now down saying “f–k you”, “motherf–ker”, etc and I was yelling back at him that he had to maintain a 3-foot distance away from me.

The cyclist said when he pulled over, the driver did as well and came towards him claiming he was making a “citizens arrest.”  The cyclist continues to tell the driver that he’s not following the law.  The driver began to threaten him.

“I oughta smack you so f–kin good,” he says.  “If there weren’t any witnesses do you know what I’d do to you?  I’ll pull Trump on you.”

When asked what’s his name, the driver spewed homophobic slurs.

“My name is your worst enemy, you f–king, short little f–king fa–ot.”  The driver ends the confrontation, telling the cyclist, “You are a f–king dead man walking.”

The story was eventually picked up by CBS LosAngeles who interviewed the road rager, Robert Lewis, 66, who says he’s embarrassed after the video went viral.  “I’m just an old surfer, knucklehead, and I do apologize for using the words that I used,” Lewis told  CBS2 reporter Michelle Gile.  Lewis said he didn’t understand share lane rules when he screamed at the cyclist.  “I’m very embarrassed,” said Lewis. “I screwed up.”

Newport Beach Police Department is investigating the case.


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