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Lamar Odom is Taller Than…

By Joanne Rosa

Lamar Odom is many things; he’s kind, generous, genuine, and tall!

Lamar is a towering 6’ 10” tall, making everything around him look miniature. If you think you’ve got tall people problems, think again. Lamar has you beat.

Check out the six things Lamar Odom is taller than.



OK, so there is no official or standard height for a showerhead, but this is the most typical tall person problem there is. You can adjust the height for ones in your home, but what about when traveling?! The inconvenience of it all.

Elevator Door

Elevator Doors Closed

The average height of an elevator door is 6’8” tall. Sometimes elevator doors can be 7’ or 8’ tall, but that’s not standard. So usually, we’re assuming Lamar has to tilt his head while he’s in the elevator. It’s claustrophobic enough as it is in there!

The Hummer H2


The Hummer H2 was built between 2002-2009, and is taller than the rest (depending on the wheels you decide to put on it, of course.) This Hummer is 79 inches tall, which means Lamar has a clear view over the top.

King Size Bed

Master Bedroom with King-Size Bed in Luxurious Home

Luckily, Lamar probably doesn’t have to deal with this too often, but just for your perspective, there is no way Lamar could fit comfortably in a king size bed. A king bed is 80 inches long, so Lamar’s feet and ankles would hang off of the bed, and that’s if his head is at the very top. A California king bed is 84 inches long. Just think about how you sleep at night. If you were as tall as Lamar, you’d definitely be getting a custom made bed to fit you.

ATM Machines

3d ATM machine.

Obviously, Lamar is taller than an ATM machine. A lot of people are taller than an ATM machine. Here’s the gag: when you walk up to an ATM machine, the keypad is at your fingertips and you have a clear view of the screen. Lamar, we’re guessing has to take a knee for this one.

Wendy Williams


Wendy always talks about being a tall woman, and she is. Wendy stand at 5’10” without heels on. Lamar is a foot taller than Wendy. They sure look good together in their interview though!

Are you a tall person? What is your worst tall person problem?

Source: Wendy

Hot Topics Rundown: June 28

Rihanna’s New Man

Madeworn x Roc96 Pop-Up Event

Rihanna was spotted making out with a mystery man in Spain this week. Some are saying the man is possibly Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel. Jameel runs his family business, which is one of the biggest companies in the world. He reportedly used to date Naomi Campbell.

Joseline V. Stevie J’s Daughter


Joseline is slamming Stevie J’s 18-year-old daughter, Savannah. On Monday night’s episode of LHHA, Savannah said she couldn’t stand Joseline. The next day, Joseline tweeted, “That hoe mad because I run her Daddy. Now run along and find your own (bleep) to suck. You nappy head.” Someone on Twitter told Joseline that her earlier tweet was inappropriate. She clapped back, “That young lady is 18. She’s grown enough to ditch it out, [she’s grown enough to take it]!! I’m done with this conversation. Back to Reality.”

Bachelorette Last Night


There were a lot of goodbyes on The Bachelorette last night, and there are just six men left. Get the full recap!

Bachelor in Paradise Continues Taping


Bachelor in Paradise is moving forward, but allegedly with a strict new policy. After the alleged sexual assault accusation between Demario and Corrine, producers aren’t taking any chances this time around. From now on, contestants allegedly must hand over all drugs to nurse upon arrival, can only have two drinks per hour, and must get permission from producers to have sex.

Lady Gaga Hiking Outfit


Lady Gaga was spotted hiking the other day, in true Gaga fashion. She wore an all black, one shoulder crop top, a long black skirt with a slit, and $675 heels. Yassss, Gaga!

Source: Wendy

TIDAL”Kill JAY-Z” ‘4:44’ Ad

Stay Black

JAY-Z’ ongoing promo for the release of his next album has been magnificent. As billboards and signs continue to scatter all around the world, his entertainment platform TIDAL has released their latest commercial. In the 30 second black-and-white clip titled “Kill JAY-Z”, a chilling instrumental (possibly done by No I.D.) plays while a young African-American male wearing a “Stay Black” t-shirt is mysteriously running. JAY-Z’ 4:44 drops exclusively on TIDAL this Friday, June 30.

Source: Rap radar


By Joanne Rosa

Last time we watched The Bachelorette, Lee got Kenny right where he wanted him: riled up & upset. Lee’s lies worked.

It all comes down to who Rachel trusts.

Rachel approached both Kenny and Lee and expressed how much trust means to her. After having conversations with both of them, Rachel sent Lee home.

As for the rose, she isn’t ready to give it to Kenny yet.

Kenny was about to board the helicopter with Rachel, when he decided he had to say goodbye to Lee. As emotional as Kenny was, he said he believes there is a good person in there somewhere, and he hopes that person comes out one day.

Rachel and Kenny met up later on, and talked out what happened. Kenny said he had to say his piece to Lee. Kenny explained himself, and how he is completely emotionally devoted to her. Rachel can’t exactly put her finger on it, but there is something she trusts about Kenny. She reached past the cookies on the table, and gave him the rose.

The first thing Kenny did after the date was FaceTime his daughter and tell her how much he misses her. He stared crying when he saw her smile, and heard her voice. He put his world, Mackenzie, on hold to be on this show. Mackenzie wants her Dad to be happy, because she thinks he deserves it.

At this point, Rachel wants to focus on the relationships that could last forever. To the men that don’t get a rose tonight, Rachel doesn’t see them as her husband.

Rachel doesn’t think she has a future with Josiah and Anthony.

Josiah was shook, and doesn’t understand how her brain works. Literally, he actually said that.

Rachel has always wanted to go to Denmark and she plans to let herself fall a little harder here.

I’m copen to love

Eric couldn’t be happier to be chosen for the one-on-one date. Rachel is keeping it simple and exploring the city for their date.

They did explore, and stumbled upon a hot tub in the middle of the city. How convenient.


We hope the producers tested the PH levels.

Later on, Eric and Rachel went to an amusement park, and then a candle lit dinner.

Eric shared his Mommy issues with Rachel. Basically, Eric claims his Mom never gave him love, so he always ran away from women that would give him love. Now, Eric is ready to show love, and receive love.

Rachel felt like she was in a good place with Eric, and gave him the rose.

I’ve taken a Viking to you guys

Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter, and Adam were the men that went on the group date.

They went on a Viking boat and paddled full steam ahead to an island where two men were fighting with shields.

The guys had to fight it out with Viking games to win Rachel’s hand.

The testosterone on this island is on another level.

It came down to Adam and Kenny. They fought to the very end, and Kenny was the winner. Unfortunately, Adam and Kenny both got injured during the fight.

It was all in good fun! Nothing was on purpose. If you saw any of those commercials with Kenny’s eye bleeding, it was from the Viking fighting, not from Lee.

Bryan was the first to steal Rachel away. Bryan was very positive about what the relationship could bring, and Rachel disclosed that she is a pessimist.

She can’t help it. That’s the lawyer side of her coming out.

Bryan did wonders reassuring her that good things can, and will, come from this.

While Waiting for Rachel, the guys discussed things amongst themselves, including the fact that Will normally dates white women, and Kenny is nervous that hometown visits are just around the corner. It getting harder and harder for Kenny to be away from his daughter.

Kenny kept it 100 with Rachel, and said he’s completely confident in their relationship because the last few weeks have been rocky. He claims he knows they can get to where they need to be, but is worried that they aren’t there yet. Mackenzie is his number one priority.

Rachel heard where he was coming from, and was sympathetic to his situation. Hearing everything, she thought it was best for him to go home, and he agreed.

They mutually parted ways, and it was in a caring way.

Rachel couldn’t even explain in words how the guy that she was about to give the rose to made her feel. The rose went to Peter and we’ve never seen Bryan look so salty.

Rachel was feeling sweet on Will, so she took him to Sweden.

They listened to music, enjoyed food, and Will showed his chivalry a few times. Unfortunately, he didn’t show his romance. They were literally at the top of a castle, looking over Sweden, with the sun shining down on them, and he missed his chance to be a romantic, and show his true feelings.

They flew back to Denmark to have dinner, and Rachel was hoping his romantic side would come out.

Well, Will missed the mark again. Rachel asked Will to tell him more about himself, and what he looks for in a woman. He goes, “I’ve predominantly dated white girls.” Rachel goes “mostly or only?” He said mostly white girls because of his upbringing. He said he is very physical when he has fallen in love in the past. Rachel isn’t white, and he has hardly licked lips with her on this date. Plus, he spent a good amount of time talking about the woman he fell in love with last year.

Rachel said she felt like he didn’t want her. Something wasn’t clicking with them. Will apologized, and said he was focusing too much on the friendship, and not enough on the relationship.

No rose for Will. Bye, Will.

Rachel went to start the rose ceremony, and had to walk away with tearful eyes. She said a lot of goodbyes this week, and each one gets harder.

When it comes to Alex, he doesn’t make the cut for Rachel, so he didn’t get a rose. Alex was visibly upset when he didn’t get the rose. Rachel walked him out and they said their goodbyes.

Do you think Rachel made a mistake with the guys she let go?

Source: Wendy

Drake Announces 8th Annual OVO Fest

OVO Ocho

Drake is keeping his yearly tradition going and has announced his 8th annual OVO Fest. The one-day event goes down at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage, formerly the Molson Ampitheatre on Monday, August 7.

Acts on the bill include his OVO Sounds’ PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, DVSN and of course, surprising acts. Tickets will be available here.

Source: Rap radar

Drake Announces 8th Annual OVO Fest

OVO Fest season is upon us. Now in its eighth year, Drake’s annual festival will return to Toronto on Monday, Aug. 7.

The single-day event, which will be held at Budweiser Stage, boasts the OVO Sound roster, including PARTYNEXTDOOR, dvsn, Majid Jordan, Roy Woods, and Drake himself. If past years are any indication, there are also bound to be surprise guests.

Last year’s OVO Fest lineup featured Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake, while Rihanna made a surprise appearance.

?? Tickets go on sale THURSDAY

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Drake is fresh off hosting the first-ever NBA Awards and the release of his Louis Vuitton-inspired single “Signs.” Earlier this year, he wrapped his “Boy Meets World” European tour.

Tickets for the 8th Annual OVO Fest go on sale Thursday, June 29.


Pharrell Opens Up About Raising Triplets on ‘The Tonight Show’

Just days before Despicable Me 3 hits theaters, Pharrell Williams has three on his mind for other reasons. During an interview with “The Tonight Show,” Skateboard P spoke about what it’s like to raise triplets.

“They harmonize when they cry,” he told Jimmy Fallon. “It’s real. Chain reaction is a real thing in our house. One cries. Two cries. Three cries.”

While his triplets are crying, his 8-year-old Rocket is playing “Minecraft.” “Rocket is into architecture now,” he said. “We’re excited about that. He spends so much time on ‘Minecraft,’ that we’re worried. He builds the most amazing little houses on there.”

All of these blessings have only elevated Pharrell’s love for his wife, Helen Lasichanh, and other mothers. “I cannot say enough about women and all kinds of burdens that they carry and the gifts that they carry,” he said. “My wife is everything. I love you baby. She’s the best.”

After gushing about his kids, Pharrell also played a fun and heated game of “Name That Song” with Fallon. The Roots gave them a sample of songs to guess, including Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” which he produced and is featured on.

Featuring new songs from Pharrell like “Yellow Light” and “There’s Something Special,” Despicable Me 3 hits theaters Friday (June 30).