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Exclusive: Chocolate Droppa Calls Out Rappers; Talks Mixtape & T-Pain Beef

Chocolate Droppa is coming back to take what’s his. At least that’s what the rapper — known to many as Kevin Hart’s alter ego — is saying.

Sunglasses on in a studio at Capitol Records’ historic Hollywood building, Droppa was adamant about this mission when asked about why he called out the likes of Jay Z, Drake, and Future on his Motown debut freestyle.

“You gotta go straight for the head on a snake before you go for the body where the babies at,” he explained. “When you cut off the head, then the babies ain’t gonna have no place to go and talk to they mama. So, my thing was, cut off the head so people don’t have no mama.”

With a serious glare, he continued: “These rappers look at these other rappers as their mama. That’s why they be catering to these other rappers. I’m not that guy. I’m different. I don’t need no mama.”

That’s the mentality Droppa is carrying into What Now? The Mixtape, the companion to Hart’s stand-up comedy film What Now? So far, Chocolate has unleashed the Lex Luger-produced lead single “Baller Alert” featuring T.I. and Migos, but he’s got a lot more up his sleeves.

In an exclusive interview with Rap-Up about his latest work, Droppa held no punches, accusing Lil Wayne, MC Hammer, and even New Edition of stealing his hits. Plus, he had a little message for his rival T-Pain.

Fans are excited about your new record. What can you tell us about the creative process?

I mean, when we’re talking about the process, we’re talking about the process. You know what I mean? When it comes to me being creative, nine times out of 10, it’s me going some place where I can get in my own head so that would either be Utah or Bismarck, North Dakota. Those are my stomping grounds. I’ve got real big cabins out there where I get in my zone. My process was going out there and having a mindset of taking back what’s mine.

You said that on your freestyle in front of the Capitol Records building. Why did you decide to call out names?

I mean, look, if you’re going to give everybody attention, you gotta go straight for the head on a snake before you go for the body where the babies at. You understand what I’m saying? When you cut off the head, then the babies ain’t gonna have no place to go and talk to they mama. So, my thing was, cut off the head so people don’t have no mama. These rappers look at these other rappers as their mama. That’s why they be catering to these other rappers. I’m not that guy. I’m different. You know what I’m saying? I don’t need no mama. I’m comin’ out, I’m smackin’ everybody on the hand, saying, ‘Hey! Get ya hand out that pot. That’s my food. Don’t touch that cookie. That’s my cookie. Hey, hey. Don’t you goddamn put that cookie in your mouth ’cause I was gonna eat that cookie!’ That’s me basically saying, in a long story short, that I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever they got. That’s why I come at these people’s necks. It don’t matter to me, man. I’m a different dude. I’m an alien.

Those who are familiar with you know that you’re a battle rapper. You’ve battled T-Pain. How did you transition from battling to making music?

I mean, it ain’t really a transition. You know what I mean? If you look at my battles, my battles could’ve been singles. You see what I’m saying? Making a song ain’t nothing to me. That’s second nature. When I get in there, I get in there and when it’s time to get out, I get out. So, when you got that knowledge about a song, then you good. These other rappers that just wanna battle, they don’t know how to make songs. I can put a song together whenever I want.

Chocolate Droppa

You freestyle your battles. Are you freestyling this album?

[Starts freestyling] Everything I say is straight off the dome. I don’t take no information home. Ain’t nothing written that I say. All I ask is that y’all come see me play. What am I talking about? I’m talking about today, Day…Lewis!

You’ve said Lil Wayne stole “A Milli” from you, which was originally called “A Philly.”

He did.

What other songs have been taken from your catalog that people might not know about?

Um… “This Little Light of Mine.” That’s stolen. That’s when I was gonna go Christian in the beginning and that’s something that I had. It was stole from me from Zion Baptist Church. But whatever. I let it go. I never look back. What else? “Can You Stand the Rain?” New Edition. That was my song. It was a rap song. They turned it into what they turned it into.

Do you remember the bars off that?

“Can you stand the rain? / Rain and thunder bring me nothing but pain / So I’ma ask you again / Can you stand the rain? / I know storms may come, this I know / This I know, for sure.” That’s where I was with it. They stole that. Um… “2 Legit 2 Quit.” That was mine. Hammer took that and that hurt. That hurt because he stole that from under my nose. He came to the studio session I had and all he did was commercial it up. Mines was rough and rugged and raw. My shit started off like, “Don’t matter what sport it is / I’ma come back and make it do what it is / I don’t do shit that I say I can’t / I look up and I do my rant / Because I’m too legit to quit, motherfucker, what?! Too legit to quit, motherfucker, what?!” And he stole that from me.

Let’s talk about the Migos and T.I. collaboration “Baller Alert.” What do those artists mean to you?

You’re looking at two real hot up-and-coming cats, man. When I look at T.I., I’m like, “He got a bright future ahead of him. This guy got something. There’s a lot of potential there. I need to work with this cat.” He’s a young cat in the business and it’s cool to get with those guys and point them in a good direction. I felt that this was a good thing for him. Migos, he got that energy. I remember myself when I was at his point and T.I.’s point. I can put myself in both they shoes when I was there. Now, that I sit on the throne where I’m at, I said, “Let me go back and show some love. Let me go back and do what people didn’t do for me.”

Have you met Migos?

Yeah, I met him, man.

You only met one?

There’s two of ’em?

There’s three.

Oh! Well, I met the middle one. Which one talks fast?

Well, there’s Quavo and…

Oh, that’s what they was talking about? I thought they was talking about a shot.

There’s Takeoff and Offset.

Okay. Okay. Okay. I got it now. I got it now.

And as far as T.I. He’s got a lot of records and a lot of hits.

How many albums he got out?

He’s got a lot.

Ah, he must have put those out when I was on my community college tour.

Community college tour?

Well, it was basically one of the biggest tours to ever hit the market. You’ve gotta ask yourself, how many people don’t go to college and then go, “Man, I wish I would’ve went to school,” but it’s too late because a college is like, “We can’t.” They don’t know what to do. All those people gotta go somewhere so they go to community college. So, when you look up, you probably got somewhere north of 300,000 community colleges in the States. I definitely toured all of those colleges. It’s a good market. It’s like a church market, except it’s community colleges. I went there and built up a fan base and it ranges from age 18 to 76.

You’ve shared a lot of things that people don’t know about your music, but what about the person that is Chocolate Droppa? The soul? What do people not know about Chocolate Droppa that they need to know going into this project?

I mean, my name. A lot of people don’t know my birth name, which is Target Subway Best Buy. That’s my birth-given name. My parents spent a lot of time at Target, they loved Subway sandwiches, and they went to Best Buy to get deals on some of the hottest appliances. That’s my name. Another thing people don’t know is I almost made it into the Olympics for badminton. I’m a phenomenal badminton player. I can tie both of my shoes with my left hand. Yeah, that’s pretty dope. And in a 40-yard dash, I run a 2.3.

Musically, where are you taking listeners on What Now? The Mixtape?

Musically, I don’t know how many of you guys have ever been to the moon, but I have. So, if you haven’t, be prepared to go with me, man.

What artists will you be working with besides Migos and T.I.?

I can’t…Come on, man. I can’t give you that. I mean, you gon’ have me here all day. You trying to get exclusive-exclusive-exclusive. Just know that I got artists, man. I got your biggest rapper. Your biggest singer. Your biggest poet. Oh my God! Who’s this? Your biggest jazz player. Oh, what else we got? The biggest. The biggest what? The biggest something. You name something that somebody has done, they’re gonna do it on my album.

What about producers?

I mean, right now, Metro Boomin is somebody I’m working with. He’s dope. Me and DJ Drama have done past work. I’m trying to get Kwame, Tone Loc, MC Brains, Vanilla Ice would be nice. Like I said, man, you talking to somebody that just…I understand music. I get it. But I need somebody to get my sound. To do the same thing I do.

Finally, is there any beef with T-Pain or have you squashed it?

I mean, if we see each other, it ain’t all love. I’m not breaking my neck to go get to him, but I feel like if he wanted to come to make sure that we’re straight, he can come and do that, but I’m not gonna go out and extend that hand after I’m fresh off a destroy. You gotta come and you gotta put that stuff on your voice and you gotta be like, “Are we cool?” But you gotta do that in Auto-Tune.

–Words and photos by Andres Tardio


Beanie Sigel Opens Up About The Game/Meek Mill Beef, Altercation

Beanie Sigel speaks out. The Broad Street Bully opened up about The Game and Meek Mill’s beef and the recent incident where he was punched at the “Bad Boy Family Reunion” concert.

During a two-hour-long “Tax Season” podcast episode, Beans didn’t mince words when addressing Mill. “Your fuckery is becoming transparent,” he said. “You’re in a place where ni**as is saying you misrepresenting Philadelphia.”

But things were all good less than a month ago when Beans joined Meek Mill and Omelly on their “Ooouuu” remix diss aimed at Game. According to Beans, he wrote some of those lyrics, a topic he clarified on this episode.

“I didn’t write Omelly’s first verse,” he said. “I didn’t write all of his second verse, but the majority of it. That’s facts. You ni**as is playing games, lying, saying I ain’t write that shit.”

However, after the song was released, Mac fell out with Meek. “He started rambling,” Beanie said of Mill. “Talking about how I’m broke…and he could put a bag…and I clicked. I didn’t wanna hear that. You gon’ put a bag on who? You know what? It ain’t no more rap.”

As this was happening, Beans and The Game made peace.

But Beans’ Meek feud turned violent at the “Bad Boy Family Reunion” concert where Teefy Bey — a member of Mill’s Dreamchasers crew — says he knocked Mac out.

“Boy didn’t wanna do that, man,” says Sigel. “Sometimes you just get caught up in the momentum, man. But you don’t get no props for that though, cuz. You stole me. Your big-ass put me down too. You ain’t knock me out ’cause ain’t nobody helped me up but you put me down and I seen them flashes, but it was from the blind side. You had ample opportunity in my face. We know what’s real.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Beans went on to discuss his perception of the Meek and Drake beef, pointing to Nicki Minaj as the source of it all.

“[Drake’s] a pop star,” he said. “Who cares if he not writing that shit? … It’s not taking away from your money. So what’s the real reason why you was mad at Drake? In my point of view, you was laying in the bed one night, you rolled over, and you looked at her, cuz. You asked her, ‘You fuck that ni**a?’ And she ain’t answer you in the way you wanted her to. That’s what I think. I don’t know. But that’s my P.O.V. of it and believe that’s the majority of everybody’s P.O.V. of it.”

Listen to the full interview above and see additional highlights from the conversation below.

On Drake: “Drake don’t gotta live by the rules we live by or you claim to live by,” he added. “He’s not a street ni**a…He don’t gotta live by that code. You can’t look at that man in a different light because he’s got armed security or whoever he got. He’s the fucking biggest thing in music, ni**a. A pop star.”

On Drake beef: “No disrespect to Drake but you took a loss to a singer from Canada, at that. You flying off the handle. You should’ve left it alone and took the advice I gave you when you went through it the first time…I strictly told you, ‘Don’t say nothing, Meek. There’s power in silence.’”

On Nicki Minaj: “He made a statement to me — I ain’t gonna put his statement out there — about him and his relationship with his woman. I ain’t gonna put that out, but he made a statement to me that he shouldn’t have. I told him this, ‘Off that, let’s get to some man shit. At the end of the day, Meek, you shouldn’t have told me that because what go on under your roof supposed to stay under there, especially with you and your woman. Now we on man time.’”

On his relationship advice to Meek: “Them broads will drag you. If you don’t come in the door strong, you gotta come in strong from the door. They’ll drag you, especially a chick who don’t need you, especially a broad who got a bankroll. That’s like the ni**a who come home from jail, that get with the bitch on Section 8 and he eating up all her kids’ cereal ’cause she get WIC. He drinking up all her juicy juice. But you under her roof ’cause you don’t got…At the end of the day, you living by her rules. She can tell you, ‘Get the fuck outta here. I don’t need you.’”

On Meek Mill’s street stamp: “Meek, you gotta prove yourself to yourself. You don’t have a stamp in the street at all.”


New Music: DJ Drama feat. Fabolous, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Jhené Aiko, & Chris Brown – ‘Wishing (Remix)’

DJ Drama’s back with another star-studded banger. Four months after premiering “Wishing” and its music video, he returns with even more big names for the slapper’s remix.

Fabolous, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, and Jhené Aiko all appear on the 7-minute revamp, along with Chris Brown who starred in the original.

“Shawty, this gon’ be your favorite song,” Tory sings to kick things off. Then Fabolous offers his potential new girl some advice: “Stop being friendly to the fuck boys / I’m who you’ve been cravin’ for / The one that you save it for.”

After Trey Songz delivers his trademark harmonies and raunch, Aiko comes through with her soothing-yet-edgy vocals. “Granting all of your wishes,” she sings. “I ain’t nothing like none of these bitches / And I’ll have you wishing that I was your woman.”

Featuring Breezy, Skeme, and Lyquin, the original “Wishing” had a legal drama music video with a 50 Cent cameo. The track appeared on Drama’s July album Quality Street Music 2, which also featured Lil Wayne, Young Thug, T.I., Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Mac Miller, August Alsina, Post Malone, Rich Homie Quan, and Lil Uzi Vert, among others.

Listen to the “Wishing” remix below.


DJ Envy Says He Was Shot at By Robbers Posed as Police

DJ Envy was under fire Tuesday [September 27], when he gave his opinion on Stop and Frisk following the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The Breakfast Club host stated that Stop and Frisk was sufficient, however, could’ve been done properly without violating rights. “They got a lot of guns off the streets.” He continued, “The way that the NYPD was doing it was unconstitutional. They didn’t do it the way that it was supposed to be done, that’s why they pulled it from New York…They said if it was done the right way [the effectiveness] probably would be a lot higher.”

Following the show, the DJ received backlash for what some thought was his way of agreeing with the Republican Candidate and believes that areas with higher crime rates should be prone to the law. “Yeah, I believe stop and frisk works in certain areas. Especially areas where crime is high you should absolutely positively check and see who’s on the streets. There shouldn’t be kids and people hanging on the corner 1, 2 in the morning doing what they do. If you from the hood, you know what n***** is doing on the corner at 11 and 12.”

Wednesday [September 28], the radio host cleared up his comments and doing so revealed that he was shot at around 3 am by men posing as police while on his way to work last week. Envy divulged that he saw blue flashes in his rearview and automatically knew something was wrong since police cars lights are usually red and blue. Instead of stopping, he says he continued to drive, and that’s when the car rammed into him from the back. Although the scary incident seems to be from a scene out of a Fast and Furious film, Envy then details the robbers’ car getting in front of him as the carjackers jumped out the car with a pistol in hand. He says they proceeded to shoot at him as he reversed against the highway traffic.

Check out the full details above.

Source: Youtube


Dr. Umar Johnson on Losing $1M Donation from NBA Player Over Scandal

Dr. Umar Johnson recently sat down for an interview with VladTV where he shared his thoughts on the difficulty of high-profile people, such as himself, finding a person to marry who doesn’t have ulterior motives. Dr. Johnson explained that if he had known that he was going to be famous, he would have gotten married to someone sooner.

He then spoke on the situation further by addressing a scandal involving a woman he met in Florida who calls herself the “Conscious Stripper.” Dr. Johnson explained that he met her during a book signing in Florida, and she told him that she was homeschooling her son and she was interested in learning more about his mission.

The two later engaged in intimate relations that turned sour when the woman put Dr. Johnson on blast online. The incident then cost Dr. Johnson a $1 million donation from an unnamed, high-profile NBA player.

Check out what else he had to say about the incident in the above clip.


Soulja Boy Challenges Any Rapper $20k in NBA 2K17 Bet

Soulja Boy challenged all rappers to a game of NBA 2K17 with a wager of $20,000.

The rapper took to Instagram to issue the challenge. It was originally sent out for Bow Wow and Chief Keef, but he later welcomed all rappers to step up to the plate. “Hey man, somebody tag @BowWow. Somebody tag @ChiefKeef tell em I got $20,000 on 2K n***a which one of y’all n***as trying to see me, man. Ain’t nobody seeing me on the 2K game. Y’all tell any rapper. Y’all put your money where your m***erf***in mouth is,” said Soulja on Instagram.

Soulja Boy is an avid gamer who recently spoke to Complex about his love for Pokemon Go. “I play Pokemon Go and mainly if I’m on the road, or a tour bus to another city, that’s a good way to catch a lot of Pokemon. Maybe if I’m at the airport, right before the plane takes off or after the plane lands,” he said. “I caught a Pikachu one day when I was shopping at the mall in Los Angeles. I was just shopping and took a picture of this Pikachu I caught on my Rolex and put it on Instagram and sh*t went viral. Everyone was like, ‘Damn Soulja Boy, you caught the Pikachu!’ My favorite one is Mewtwo, though.”