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Donald’s Twitter War


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The last season of “American Idol” premiered and former contestant Clay Aiken bashed the show and judges. Should he have kept his opinions to himself?

Then, Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter after Samuel L. Jackson said he cheats at golf.

Is Donald acting Presidential?

Plus, Rocco apparently refuses to live with his mom Madonna because she’s too strict and Jason Derulo is dating 50 Cent’s ex.

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Stream Gucci Mane’s Album ‘Everybody Looking’

It’s Gucci time. Two months since his release from prison, Gucci Mane is back with his first album in half a decade, Everybody Looking. Recorded entirely in six days, the 14 tracks feature an all-star lineup of guests.

Kanye West guests on “P**** Print,” Drake on “Back on Road,” and Young Thug on “Guwop Home,” with production from Mike WiLL Made-It, Zaytoven, and Drumma Boy.

Half of the songs were written while Gucci was behind bars. “I made like a pact to myself: When I get out, no matter what happens, I must record these songs,” the now sober rapper told The New York Times. “It was so real when I wrote it.”

Gucci will celebrate the release with special guests at “Gucci & Friends,” his first full live performance since his release, which will take place at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre tomorrow night.

Stream Everybody Looking on Apple Music.

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Melania Trump’s Speech Writer Confesses to Plagiarizing


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Melania Trump’s speech writer confessed to plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s convention speech and offered her resignation.

Then, Taylor Kinney was reportedly jealous of Lady Gaga’s fame, which caused their split. Is it hard for couples to work in the same field?

Plus, Suge Knight is scared his ex will spill his secrets and R&B singer Kelly Price caused a stir after performing a song about adultery on a Gospel stage.

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Officer Shot Black Therapist By Accident; Was Aiming For Autistic Man

News broke earlier this week that another unarmed black man was shot by police, this time in Miami. However, the man was not killed, and it turned out that he was trying to calm an autistic patient down who had escaped from a local group home. The man who was shot, a behavioral therapist named Charles Kinsey laid down on the ground and had his hands in the air, and was still shot at. Now, John Rivera–the local police union chief of Dade County’s Police Benevolent Association unveiled some startling news about the shooting.

Rivera told the Miami Times that the police officer was aiming for the “white male” – the autistic man who was holding a toy truck at the time. Rivera went on to say, “It appeared to the officers that the white male was trying to do harm to Mr. Kinsey. The officers, realizing and believing that there was a firearm — many officers thought the white male had a firearm. Only much later when we’re able to ‘Monday-morning quarterback’ do we find out that it’s a toy.”

The prosecutor’s office along with the state police are conducting separate investigations, and the officer who fired the shot at Kinsey has been placed on administrative leave.


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Kevin Durant Reportedly Got Massive 2Pac Tattoo on His Leg

Along with a new team, Kevin Durant will also be sporting a new look after he added some fresh ink.

The Golden State Warriors star got a huge tattoo of Tupac along with the Wutang sign on his leg. Marcus Thompson of the Mercury News took the photo as Durant showed up to Team USA camp on Thursday sporting his new ink wrapped in plastic.

In the past when asked if he preferred Biggie or Pac, he usually picked the Notorious B.I.G. While he maintains that Biggie is his favorite, he also noted that he’s a huge Tupac fan and is impressed with how Pac’s mind was at such a young age.

His new tattoo just adds to his body of work, as his chest and back are both covered in tats.


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