RHONJ: Danielle Staub & Dolores Catania’s Downfall

By Joanne Rosa

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” are walking into season nine like…

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When you have a relationship with any (OK, most) of the real housewives in any franchise, you can expect to be friends one day, enemies the next, and eventually frenemies until the cycle starts all over again. The new season of the RHONJ has fans ready to grab a snack every Wednesday and watch the drama unravel!

Tonight’s premiere teased a fight between Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga that could result in an indefinite severed relationship between families, but tonight they seemed to get along just fine. Instead, viewers watched the downfall of Dolores Catania & Danielle Staub’s relationship continue.

Dolores Catania & Danielle Staub

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When we left off last season, Dolores and Danielle didn’t exactly get along. Actually, they hated each other. It all started when Danielle spoke ill of Dolores’ relationship with her ex-husband Frank. Even though Dolores and Frank are divorced, they maintain a good relationship and are partners in life still living together. Dolores called Danielle a scumbag. Danielle said she wanted nothing to do with that POS, and they basically hated each other.

This season, Danielle told Wendy she’s ready to bring it. The premiere episode showed Danielle inquiring about Frank being disbarred. Later on, Teresa went out to lunch with Dolores and revealed that Danielle brought up Frank. Dolores went off ranting, “Teresa, tell that f*ckface to f*ckin’ shut her mouth. She’s a f*ckin’ nut, she’s a trouble maker, she’s a f*ckin’ wackadoo.”

Taping of RHONJ began in March 2018, just in time for Melissa’s 39th birthday. She decided to have a party and invite everyone, including Danielle and Dolores. “If I see Danielle at Melissa’s birthday party, I’m going to either be the person that’s going to ignore her or I’m going to go Patterson Dolores & flip out like I always do. I don’t know which Dolores is going to be there,” Dolores said in the premiere episode. Melissa swore that if things went down between them, she’d kick them both out of the party.

Dolores was ready to handle Danielle at Melissa’s birthday party if she had to. When Danielle arrived fashionably late with her ex-husband Marty Caffrey, Dolores thought it best to just walk away from the situation entirely. So no, Dolores didn’t go Patterson on Danielle (yet). It was unclear whether or not Danielle was made aware of Dolores’ feelings on her bringing up Frank to the other housewives, but she appeared unbothered.


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So where are Danielle and Dolores now? Well, they both appeared at an event together in August and were seen chatting it up and enjoying each other’s company. Dolores and Teresa were there to support Danielle when an article from Radar went live at the event. More recently, Dolores explained to Page Six that “things are quiet right now” regarding her relationship with Danielle. “It’s always up and down, but you know I felt bad for her. She’s been going through a lot of marriage trouble so I called her and I said, ‘I don’t want to know your business I just wish you well and I hope you and the kids are okay.’”

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