HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 11, 2018

Terrence J Car Crash Developments

Shocking new details in Terrence J’s hit and run investigation. It was first reported that Terrence and his girlfriend Jasmine crashed his car in LA and fled the scene. Well, Jasmine has spoken out saying, “Despite what you guys may have heard, I was not involved in a car accident yesterday.”

Terrence J has still not come forward.

Azealia Banks Vs. Lana Del Rey

Azealia Banks & Lana Del Rey


Azealia Banks may have met her match!

Azealia has feuded with countless celebrities. Now, she’s feuding with pop star Lana Del Rey. It all started last week, when Lana slammed Kanye for supporting President Trump. Azealia defended Kanye and attacked Lana. “I’m tired of white women in Hollywood and their fake a** innocent agendas.”

Tuesday, Lana finally clapped back, “Azealia, u know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face… I won’t not (bleep) you the (bleep) up. Period… I’ll send you my surgeon’s number and a good psychiatrist… your psych meds aren’t working.”

Azealia clapped back, “Should I be extra white woman and sue Lana for threatening me? I’m talking to my lawyer.”

Lana quickly replied, “Tell him it’s a promise not a threat.”

Selena Gomez Reportedly Has Emotional Breakdown

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is reportedly at a psychiatric facility after suffering an emotional breakdown. She was hospitalized twice in the past two weeks with issues related to her lupus and kidney transplant. She reportedly had a meltdown and is getting help with her anxiety and depression. Her ex, Justin Bieber was spotted at church last night being comforted by friends.

Is Bill Cosby Mad at Wendy?

Bill Cosby

The following story may or may not be true. Bill Cosby is allegedly mad at Wendy. He’s allegedly so mad, that he demanded his team summon Wendy to prison for a one-on-one confrontation. Bill allegedly heard Wendy telling Bill’s wife Camille to leave him, take half his money, and change her cellphone number.

Source: Wendy