Wendy Williams & Suge Knight’s Prison Drama

Wendy Williams is in the middle of Suge Knight’s prison drama! Last month, Suge’s fiancée got three years for helping him call BET to give interviews for a death row record documentary. Part one of the documentary aired last night, and they showed a snippet of Wendy’s 2005 interview with Suge.

RHONY Post Cruise Nightmare

The cast of “The Real Housewives of New York City” plan to sue the network after a cruise from hell. The “luxury yacht” they were told about was old, decrepit, caught fire, and started to sink. There were only three life jackets on board, so they had to be rescued.

Chris Brown’s Sliding into Rihanna’s Social Media

Chris Brown keeps reaching out to Rihanna on social media. Last week, he tweeted that he wants to go on tour with her. Yesterday, he publicly wished her a happy 30th birthday. Rihanna reportedly wants Chris to stop mentioning her and move on. Rihanna is reportedly dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. In 2015, Rihanna said she doesn’t feel ill will, but she and Chris aren’t friends.

John Legend Robbed?!

A cab driver was just convicted of stealing John Legend’s luggage. Last March, John’s Louis Vuitton luggage was left unattended on a cart at JFK. A 64 year-old cabbie who was at the airport allegedly grabbed it and walked away. The cabbie wheeled the whole cart to a discreet location before stealing the bag. The cabbie was caught on camera and confessed. He now faces up to seven years in prison.

“Black Panther” is Makin’ Money Moves!

“Black Panther” has already made over $400 million worldwide! Fans want costars Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’O to start dating. Fans’ pleas might be working. The two have been seen flirting at appearances, including New York Fashion Week.

Snoop to the Rescue!

Imagine your car breaking down. As you’re sitting in your car waiting for help, you hear a knock on the car window. You look up, and it’s Snoop Dogg! That’s what happened to Katrina Graham. She said Snoop offered to push her car to a safer spot, and he even parked his car off the exit and ran back to help her.

The Queen’s First Fashion Show!

The Queen just attended her very first fashion show. The room got silent when she walked in, then they stood up for her. A cushion was placed on her seat. Last week at NYFW, Anna Wintour was seated next to Cardi B.

Tell Us: Would you rather sit next to Cardi B or the Queen?

Source: Wendy