RHOA RECAP: Season 10 Episode 12

By Joanne Rosa

Last time we saw RHOA we were left with Cynthia nearly in tears at Kandi’s Essence cover party. Cynthia was distraught over the news that Eva dropped in her lap about Will, the man she’s been dating the past three months. Technically, Kenya was the one who spilled the tea, but Eva was the one who brewed it.

Remember, Eva said she met will one time while he was campaigning with her husband Mike two months prior. At that time, he brought a woman with him. Eva claimed he introduced her as his girlfriend in that meeting, and expressed that she was close with his child.

The Atlanta housewives are skeptical of Will because he’s acting like a shady liar. Porsha approached Cynthia with even worse news. She thinks Will is an opportunist, and saw an opportunity with Cynthia. Porsha claims she heard a rumor that Will is dating someone else.

Will just had a conversation with Cynthia that he doesn’t like that she is on a dating website. Meanwhile, he might be out here dating other women?! Bye boy.

Cynthia is willing to see Will’s side of things, but she doesn’t want to be made a fool.

Mama Joyce wanted to meet up with Porsha, and she did. Mama is doing it behind Kandi’s back! Porsha put all of the blame on Phaedra, emphasizing the fact that she was a lawyer and assumed she could trust her word. Mama Joyce doesn’t like Phaedra, so she was quick to believe Porsha’s story. Mama gave Porsha hope that Kandi could eventually forgive her, but we’re not so sure.

Kenya wants a baby, and Aunt Flow is six weeks late! Kenya wishes her hubby could be there with her when she took a blood test with the doctor, but he is a native New Yorker with a bustling restaurant in Brooklyn. Kenya’s urine test is inconclusive, so they have to wait for the blood test to know if she is pregnant.

Cynthia decided to link up with her ex-husband Peter. He was at Kandi’s event and dipped out before saying anything to Cynthia. That bothered her. She believed she deserved more from him. Peter didn’t want to see her with another man. He still has feelings for her, and Cynthia will always love him!

Anyway, Peter actually gave Cynthia some good advice. No man should dictate her happiness.

Between being invited to Kandi’s Essence cover party and the girls’ trip to Barcelona, Porsha was in the spirit to host a dinner party. The dinner party had a “no beef” theme, and will be an all vegan meal. Kenya, Kandi, and NeNe weren’t able to make it, but there were enough people there to stir up some drama. Kim wants to bring her husband to Barcelona. Kim was nervous about taking a trip to Barcelona because the flight is so long. About two years ago, Kim had a stroke on a flight back from LA. She wants her husband there to make sure she is OK. Cynthia didn’t really have the energy to argue about it, but Kim decided to not go after all. According to Kim, NeNe was “very vocal” about not wanting Kroy on the trip. Kenya isn’t going either.

Next time on RHOA, Kim and NeNe’s drama unravels with the alleged roach incident.

Source: Wendy