Blac Youngsta Names Tour "I'm Innocent" After Shooting Charges

Blac Youngsta has been carrying a real chip on his shoulder since turning himself in on charges stemming from a CIAA weekend shootout that involved an exchange of over 100 rounds with Young Dolph’s camp. Facing six counts ranging from the discharging of a weapon into occupied property to felony conspiracy has pushed him to make his case in the court of public opinion, announcing last week that he will be dropping a project on June, 2 titled “I’M INNOCENT.” And he wasn’t done there, announcing more recently that he will be hitting the road on an I’m Innocent Tour.

While he’s largely laid off of partner Yo Gotti’s long-running beef with Dolph since heat over the February confrontation in Charlotte began to bear down, Blac hasn’t held back on the emotions that have beset him since the drama took a turn for the worst. “I JUST REALIZE THAT THIS RAP S**T AIN’T FOR ME THIS S**T WATERED DOWN AND FAKE AS F**K I’M OUT HERE FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE RIGHT NOW SO I THINK DIFFERENT AND LOOK AT S**T DIFFERENT,” he wrote in an Instagram post announcing the coming mixtape last week. “I DONE LOST SO MUCH TO THIS S**T MF JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND ONLY IF YOU KNOW THEY GONE PLAYER HATE WHEN YOU WIN YOU KNOW THEY GONE ACT FAKE WHEN YOU SEE EM I WOULDNT WISH JAIL ON MY WORST ENEMY.”

With a tough road ahead, it appears that the Memphis rapper is dead set on focusing on the things he can control leading up to his tentative trial. With that being the release of “I’M INNOCENT,” fans will have a chance to hear the music he referred to as his “testimony,” on any one of the 13 tour dates he’s got lined up between June 21 and July 9. The cities and venues on the calendar are listed as follows:

6/21- New Orleans, La @ Howlin Wolf
6/24 – Roanoke, Va @ Bergalund event center
6/25 – Cleveland, Oh @ Agora Theatre
6/28 – New York, Ny @ Gramercy Theatre
6/29 – Lawrence, Ma @ Centro
6/30 – Tallahassee, Fl @ Club Play
7/1 – Pittsburgh, Pa @ XTAZA
7/2 – Toledo, Oh @ FOUR19
7/3 – Philadelphia, Pa @ TLA
7/6 – Birmingham, Al @ Sloss Furnaces with FAMOUS DEX
7/7 – Dallas, Tx @ The Door
7/8 – Austin, Tx @ Empire Garage
7/9 – Houston Tx @ Eastdown Warehouse



Torrey Smith Blasts Giants Owner for Comments about Colin Kaepernick

Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith came to the defense of former teammate Colin Kaepernick earlier this week, with a series of tweets aimed at Giants owner John Mara over his admission that he is looking past Colin Kaepernick out of respect for the wishes of fans who’ve stated their distaste for the activist/athlete.

“It’s amazing what folks consider going too can do all kinds of crazy things and get a 2nd chance but you can’t get over a protest?” Smith asked, adding in the following tweet that his issue “isn’t just the hate on Kap…it’s what folks prioritize as wrong….hit a woman (cool)…sexual assault (cool)…kneel OH NO!”

Smith’s posts were in response to Mara reportedly telling a reporter for that Kaepernick never came up for discussion on possible offseason signings because he received so many letters from fans who would be adverse to the idea. “It wasn’t one or two letters. It was a lot. It’s an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I’ve run into,” said Mara. Smith found Mara’s revelation to be tone deaf considering he attempted to keep former kicker John Brown around after he admitted to beating his wife more than 20 times throughout their marriage.

“People are accepting and willing to [forgive] people when they beat the hell out of women, sell drugs, do whatever and commit all kinds of crimes and you’re able to forget that,” Smith would state, while addressing his Twitter rant in the Eagles locker room after practice Tuesday, May 30. “But I think you have to be open-minded to know that [Kaepernick] did not commit a crime, he didn’t hurt anybody, he didn’t do anything. It was a protest, and now people are kind of locking him out or don’t want to support anybody that’s associated with him when you’re willing to support people who beat women, do all kinds of other crazy things. It just doesn’t make sense.”



Portland Stabbing Suspect Yells "I Call it Patriotism" in Court

White nationalist Oregonian Jeremy Joseph Christian went on a violent tirade during his arraignment on charges stemming from last week’s stabbing of three people aboard a light-rail train in Portland, on Tuesday, May 30.

“Free speech or die Portland, you’ve got no safe place. This is America. Get out if you don’t like free speech,” video of Christian being escorted in to stand before a judge at Multnomah County Justice Center Courthouse, captures him shouting. Shackled with marshals presiding over each shoulder, Christian remained defiant throughout the brief courtroom appearance, telling the judge to “die” after declaring: “Death to the enemies of America. Leave this country if you hate our freedom. Death to Antifa. You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism.”

Christian was arrested on Friday, after slashing the throats of two men and stabbing another who had all come to the aid of a 16-year-old girl and her Muslim friend. Christian, 35, had reportedly been berating the young ladies with racist and Islamophobic threats, when Ricky John Best, 53, Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Micah Fletcher, 21, approached and were thereby attacked by Christian. Best and Namkai-Meche were pronounced dead at the hospital, while Fletcher was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries.

He is facing two counts of aggravated murder, attempted murder, two counts of second-degree intimidation and being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon. Authorities are also investigating to gather whether hate crime or domestic terrorism charges could be brought up against Christian, who only one day earlier was filmed threatening a bus driver with hate-speech, and has an internet trail of pro-Nazi content as well as a reputation as an agitator at far-right demonstrations around the city.



Jay Z's Nephew Dunks Over #1 High School Basketball Prospect

Marvin Begley III is the top-ranked high school basketball recruit in the country, but sometimes even top dogs get humbled. During a recent AAU tournament in Los Angeles, Begley was shown up by none other than Nahziah Carter, Jay Z’s nephew.

Video from the game shows Nahziah, who’s ranked 328th in the country, go in for a savage dunk over Begley. Better still, Uncle Hov was in attendance and got to witness his nephew posterize the very sought-after Begley.

Check it out up top.



Album Review: Bryson Tiller ‘True To Self’ 6.5/10

Sophomore Standard.


Pen Griffey took his second swing at bat this past Friday, with his ‘True to Self’ album. To the delight of his fans, Bryson’s long awaited sophomore LP has arrived a month before it’s scheduled release. It’s nearly been a 2 year album haitus for young Tiller, who has remained relatively quiet in between projects. Lending out maybe 3 features post ‘TrapSoul’, Bryson has been able to maintain an air of mystery. Now, Tiller has broken his silence and has a lot to say with a total of 19 tracks.

Bryson’s first time stepping up to the plate with ‘TrapSoul’ was a homerun, a grand slam even. The project was an amazing, groundbreaking piece of art that shook up the music scene, and catapulted Bryson’s trajectory to astronomical levels. Admittedly, I am a fan of Bryon Tiller. I discovered his music via soundcloud in 2015, with “Just Another Interlude” and was amazed. His view count at the time was in the low 20 thousands and he was relatively unknown. In typical @NajiChill fashion I told everyone around me the kid was going to blow (Bdot can attest to this). Watching Tiller’s ascension was a joy to see, and felt like vindication seeing my prediction come to fruition. However, the greater your start, the higher your expectations.

With the proverbial bar already set so high, we tune in to ‘True to Self’. The smooth sampled intro, “Rain On Me” gives us a peek into the different space Bryson is in. He’s clearly a lot more busy these days than the guy that use to work at UPS & Papa Johns a few years back. His explanation of missing a young lady’s calls leads into his second track “No Longer Friends”. Bryson is literally the definition of “Don’t leave your girl around me”. He’s back to his ‘dirty mackin‘ ways putting all kinds of thoughts in a girls head. The woman can be heard telling her boyfriend that Bryson is just her “brother”.

bill nig

Blowing Smoke” is a track that exemplifies the dichotomy in Bryson’s style. Is he a singer or a rapper? Bryson continues to blur the lines of distinction between the two. Why is this important? Because we hold rappers to a different standard lyrically than we do singers. Tiller’s flow is very melodized, but often contains spurts of bars and rap like cadences. Being that this track is rap, it’s just okay, not great, not terrible, just “cool”. They’re a bunch of tracks on this project that unfortunately embody such mediocre sentiments. Tracks like “Money Problems / Benz Truck” “Teach Me a Lesson” “Stay Blessed” “High Stakes” all assuage you in the short term, but still leave you feeling unfulfilled.


Bryson does reach the pocket in some spots though. “In Check” is a dope track that focuses on the different space he’s in, rapping singing from a position of power and comfortability. Spitting lines like “Album – Overdue, you would find it hard to focus too, if you met the woman I have, hard not to get side tracked”. He’s no longer the starving artist, and sometimes needs a reminder from the woman he’s with to value her. “Before You Judge” is a track that is reminiscent of his past hit “Rambo”. This record is probably the most open and vulnerable Tiller we get on the album. He speaks candidly about fame, his daughter Harley, his old manager that he fired, and second guessing his artistry. This is the Tiller that we love, the Bryson that gets in his bag.

The true stand out track on the album though is “Self Made”. This record is great from the premise, to the production, to the lyrics, it has all the elements of a hit. Again focusing on his success, he’s going to be a little selfish in wanting to spend the fruits of his labor on himself; nothing wrong with that. Another bright spot is “Run Me Dry”. This track has a very afro beats, Nigerian dance like flavor. It feels really good, from the vibe to the hook, and is clearly a joint that will make you get a drink and hit the dance floor.

In conclusion, Bryson’s project is just satisfactory. In the era of streaming and playlists, longer projects are becoming the cultural norm. 19 tracks from Bryson appears to have been way too many though. His flows at times gets redundant, and there aren’t any features to break the monotony. I think a feature or 4 would’ve helped bring a different dynamic to this body of work. There are definitely some tracks on ‘True to Self’ that I will bump, but many of the tracks are skippable. TrapSoul has set the bar so high that it’s tough competing against his old work. While not a bad album, it definitely fell short of expectations. If I’m being true to my-self Bryson’s album is a 6.5/10


Source: Rap radar

Are Nicki Minaj and Nas Really an Item?

Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning and charged with a DUI.

The golfing legend released a statement saying alcohol was not involved and that it was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medication.

Plus, Tiny and TI ended their show last night and their marriage and The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay sent a guy home last night after his girlfriend showed up.

Then, according to, the relationship between Nicki Minaj and Nas is a fraud. They say Nicki watched Wendy’s interviews with Remy Ma and Safaree and was furious. She reportedly wanted to collaborate with Nas in the studio to silence her haters, but her team reportedly convinced her to make it look romantic.

And, find out what Wendy thought about Lifetime’s Searching to Neverland movie.

Source: Wendy

Watch Tyler, the Creator’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ Documentary

The wait is over. More than two years after Tyler, the Creator dropped his third studio album, Cherry Bomb, the Odd Future leader unleashes a documentary about the project.

Filmed and edited by Mikey Alfred, the 43-minute doc features narration from Tyler himself as he walks through the album process. “I’m about to show y’all what really went down when I was recording the album Cherry Bomb,” he says.

It’s a star-studded affair, featuring cameos from the likes of Kanye West, Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith, Charlie Wilson, and more.

This is the first time that the full documentary has been available online. Prior to this, it premiered at a theater in Los Angeles in January and was only out through a limited edition DVD release.

Up next, Tyler is bringing his “Nuts and Bolts” show to Viceland after collaborating on Netflix’s “Bill Nye Saves the World.” He is also presumably working on a follow-up to Cherry Bomb.

Earlier this month, he also announced that this year’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival will be held Oct. 28-29 at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Pre-sale tickets sold out the same day they were made available and the lineup hasn’t been announced yet.


Video: Kirko Bangz – ‘Swang N Bang’

H-Town, stand up! Kirko Bangz takes fans to Houston for a lesson on how to “Swang N Bang,” the Texas way.

Directed by Mr. Boomtown, the sleek visual has an old school bounce, much like the candy-painted lowriders that appear throughout. Whether rolling on a bike, drinking a beer, or hot boxing in a van, Kirko is rapping about Houston pride while beautiful women surround him for the summer-ready anthem.

“Summertime in my city,” he raps. “Woodgrain, I’ma grip it / Give me the cup, give me the ice, give me the drank, I’ma sip it.”

Recently, Bangz told The FADER that the song is really about the culture he was raised by and that it’s not necessarily about being paid.

“‘Swang N Bang’ is a part of the Houston culture,” he said. “You don’t have to be rich to swang n’ bang, it’s more about the feeling when you in your ride. You feeling good, looking good, fresh cut, clean as hell, summertime sun shining, tops drop trunk popped. Whether it’s sunny or gray we go’n ball n’ parlay.”

“Swang N Bang” is a single off the H-Town MC’s forthcoming album, which is due this year via 300 Entertainment.

Parlay with Kirko below.