Desiigner Announces "Life of Desiigner" Album

Desiigner has been giving fans samples of what they could expect from his debut album, over the past couple of months, with four new singles having surfaced on Youtube and SoundCloud thus far in the new year. And heading into the weekend, the Brooklyn rapper invited fans over Twitter to check out material he is yet to have released, in person, by coming out to see him perform at The Outlet Tour. He also provided some hype for his day one’s, with a message that announced a special surprise.

“Droppiing The Album iiN July,” he tweeted.

The early Summer date gives Desiigner three months to get “Outlet,” “Holy Ghost,” “Thank God I Got It,” and “Up” on loop in as many cars and clubs as possible. Outlet and Holy Ghost are currently enjoying a good run, with the latter having topped 4 million cumulative spins, while the song he chose to name his tour after has amassed more than 4 million on Youtube and an additional 3.5 million on SoundCloud. But it remains to be seen if the GOOD Music newbie has a hit that will do anything close to what his 2016 mega hit “Panda” did. It has been 64 weeks since the song entered the Billboard top 100, and it continues to hang on to a spot on the chart, coming in at #100 last week.

Besides the month of its release, and title, Desiigner didn’t disclose any further information about his Liife Of Desiigner LP.