Allen Iverson Recreates Famous "Practice" Interview

Atlanta’s new SunTrust Park has a modern feel to it that brings the ambiance it’s Braves baseball team will be playing amidst, up to par with that offered by stadiums around the major leagues today. But the major problem that has been the source of scrutiny for the organization thus far, has been one fan find themselves confronted by. There isn’t enough parking.

SunTrust sports a capacity to host a sold-out crowd of 41,149 people. That is three times more seats than are parking spots [14,000] available in the stadium’s lot. While such a disparity might still work out in a big city with a broad transit system like New York City, the SunTrust Park location is poorly served by public transportation, forcing most to drive to games. And while parking outside of the facility is always an option, anyone selecting to do so would have to cross a freeway, at which point much of the free space is reported to be found between a half mile and a mile away.

The Braves haven’t figured out a way to satisfy fans challenged by the parking conundrum just yet, leaving the organization no other choice but to rely on public relations to ease the burden on their psychology. One way the organization has resorted to dealing with the issue is by making fun of itself in a new commercial featuring Allen Iverson. Fans of the NBA Hall of Famer will never forget his infamous “practice” interview, in which he lost his cool with reporters continuously nagging him about missing practice. In the new AD, Iverson sits in a press room and fields questions on his love for the Atlanta Braves, before the questions begin to stray towards logistics; namely, parking.

“Parking? The best franchise in all of baseball, and we’re in here talking about parking! What are we talking about,” Iverson responds, in what amounts to a parody that might put a nostalgic smile on a few faces, but likely won’t settle fans’ gripe with SunTrust.