Mike Pence & Senate Pass Bill Cracking Down on Planned Parenthood Funding

The vote to pass legislation that would empower states to deny federal funds to organizations and health care providers who perform abortions and provide abortion-related services rested on one man on Thursday, March 30, and it was the last man Planned Parenthood could have ever wanted to hold that power. Vice President Mike Pence built his career as a pro-life crusader while a Senator in Indiana, and with the House deadlocked at a 50-50, he cast the tie-breaking vote to reverse an Obama-era rule that banned states from keeping family planning services from obtaining federal aid.

Donald Trump ran his campaign for the Presidency in part off of his promise to empower states in their functioning over the healthcare system. But he was speaking to creating competition in the area of health insurance. Decentralizing power from the federal government and giving it to states has always been championed by republicans and libertarians as an ideal means of governance. Thus, from the perspective of supporters of Thursday’s passage, putting the onus on states to determine their fate as it pertains to the issue is a response to pro-choice rhetoric that poses the government is attempting to rule over the bodies of women. It now rests on Trump to officially pass the law with the stroke of a pen.

Chuck Schumer saw it as anything but ideal, decrying the vote as “another example of the Republican war on women.” The democratic Senate Minority Leader said, “It would let states treat women as second-class citizens who don’t deserve the same access to health care as men.”

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Carmelo Anthony on His Future with the Knicks: I See the Writing on the Wall

The Knicks’ season has been nothing short of a disaster both on and off the court. Big parts of their retooled roster have been dealing with off and on injuries (Rose, Lee, Porzingis), Phil Jackson and the Knicks’ front office have had a complicated-to-say-the-least relationship with Melo, and Joakim Noah just landed a 20-game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy.

Much of the rhetoric surrounding the Knicks this season has to do with Carmelo Anthony’s future with the team. After a loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday, Carmelo was candid with reporters about his future.

“I see the writing on the wall,” Melo said. “I see what it is. I see what they’re trying to do and it’s just me accepting that.”

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Mack Wilds and Afton Williamson

Mack Wilds and Afton Williamson dish about their new VH1 series The Breaks and reveal their 5 favorite Hip Hop artists.

Then, Mack opens up about his dating life and Adele’s Grammy speech. Was he offended by her mentioning her “black friends” in her acceptance speech?

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