White Man Who Stabbed Black New Yorker to Death Charged with Terrorism

James Harris Jackson, the white man who killed 66-year-old Timothy Caughman simply because he was black, will face charges of terrorism, said New York County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr.

Jackson, 28, was previously charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime. A statement from Vance explains the hate crime and terrorism charges:

“James Jackson prowled the streets of New York for three days in search of a black person to assassinate in order to launch a campaign of terrorism against our Manhattan community and the values we celebrate. Last week, with total presence of mind, he acted on his plan, randomly selecting a beloved New Yorker solely on the basis of his skin color, and stabbing him repeatedly and publicly on a Midtown street corner. James Jackson wanted to kill black men, planned to kill black men, and then did kill a black man.”

Jackson turned himself in to police about 24 hours after he fatally stabbed Caughman with a 26-inch sword.

He later told the New York Daily News that he would have rather killed a “young thug,” and that he committed the act in order to discourage interracial relationships.

Jackson’s next court date is scheduled for April 13th.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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