The ladies are back in Atlanta and attempt to settle back into their daily lives.

Cynthia preps Noelle to debut her fashion line in Atlanta. She wants to show them something different, and in walks Kairo. Momager Sheree failed to mention he has never done a runway before, until this meeting. Cynthia gives Kairo some tips, when Sheree starts asking about what press will be there. She wants it to be bigger than Atlanta press, but Cynthia was just talking about how this show is all about Atlanta.

Sheree, Kairo isn’t walking Calvin Klein yet. Take a step back, and enjoy the show! Kairo definitely enjoyed exchanging numbers with Noelle. Remember to keep it professional!

Meanwhile, Porsha is at home, turning on her inner attorney for her baby-nup (an agreement so a couple can decide on certain decisions before having the child together), when she realized she had no idea what she was doing, and called Phaedra. Porsha loves Todd, and wants a baby real, real bad. She already has the room set up for the twins she’s having in her head! Phaedra warns that having a baby daddy is so yesterday. Phaedra cut the conversation short, and asked Porsha to send the agreement over to her.

Kenya invites her cousin (aka bff/ sister) Che, to dish about the Hawaii trip. Kenya told the story about “phony phae phae,” and Che essentially rolls her eyes and nods her head like, Kenya should have known better than to ever try being friends with her. The convo turns to Kenya’s kinda boo Matt. Kenya doesn’t think it’s good to be with Matt, but wants the best of both worlds. She wants to stay friends with Matt, and aspires to be like Peter and Cynthia. Che noted it will take Kenya a while to get to that point.


Kandi decides to pay a visit to Mama Joyce, and brings nine-month-old Ace along with her. Kandi tells her Mom everything that happened in Hawaii. Mama Joyce says that if she were in Kandi’s shoes, she would eat them all alive.

You don’t have to tell us twice; we know.

Once Todd arrives, and everyone sits down for dinner, they talk about how the OLG restaurant will be opening soon, and Kandi and Todd would like to have a separate family and friends preview.

We can’t wait for that drama to unfold, and see Mama Joyce eat everyone alive.

Phaedra pays a visit to Cynthia at Lake Bailey. It’s kind of awkward, considering the last time Phaedra visited Cynthia, Phaedra was a newly wed, and Cynthia wasn’t even married. Cynthia asks how Phaedra’s divorce is going, and she admits that it’s difficult. That’s when Cynthia tells Phaedra that Porsha told everyone at the party Phaedra’s divorce was already final, and has been for about a week. Phaedra is stunned by Porsha’s ability to not keep a secret, but confirms to Cynthia it is finalized.

Finally, some truth from Phaedra!

Phaedra gets into her feelings on the divorce party, and said she wasn’t sure what Kenya’s intentions were when throwing it. Cynthia understood why she felt that way, but let Phaedra know as far as she could tell, it wasn’t done to throw shade toward the situation, or be insensitive.

Phaedra is entitled to her feelings, and Cynthia just wants everyone to play nice for the sake of the Atlanta ladies’ friendship.

Porsha’s boo Todd stops by, and cannot keep his hands off of her. Poor Todd has no idea what’s coming.

Porsha sits Todd down, and hands him the baby-nup. Todd starts laughing, and doesn’t think it’s serious. Once he realizes what’s going on, he calls the baby-nup extortion. Todd starts freaking out, saying that everything is in Porsha’s favor. Porsha tells him that he can redline it and give it back, but he just isn’t hearing it.

The conversation definitely didn’t go as Porsha had hoped, but she isn’t surprised. The disappointment is written all over her face.

After Noelle’s grand attempt to parallel park, she, Cynthia, and Cargo’s partner Kal, walk into the venue for the Cargo fashion show. They arrive four hours early to get everything ready. Fast forward three hours, and there is a lot to be done. This includes the fact that Kairo isn’t anywhere to be found. Cynthia makes a call to momager Sheree, who lets Cynthia know he left a while ago. Eventually Kairo shows up, completely unfazed by the fact that he’s late.

Guests start showing up, and there are mixed feelings on the event so far. While others say the grunge is an awesome look. Other guests are distracted by the sweat getting in their eyes—It’s HOT!

Noelle and Kairo killed it on the runway. Overall, we’d say Cynthia’s show was an overall success, but would have been better if Wendy’s giant diva fan was blowing on the audience.

Phaedra meets with her client Johnnie Winston (AKA the former assistant of Kandi Factory), and a fellow lawyer friend, Oscar Prioleau Jr. Johnnie believes there was a breach in his contract with Kandi Koated Entertainment. He claims Kandi and Todd took his idea for the new restaurant they plan to open. There was no written contract between Johnnie and Kandi, but there was an oral exchange between them. Johnnie is prepared to go to court, and Oscar said he might have a valid case.

What a mess.

Kenya wanted to celebrate her little pooch’s birthday by treating him to the doggy shopping spree. All was going well, until her doggy Daddy Matt walked in.

He completely blindsided her by talking about their relationship. She walks out of the shop, and Matt follows her, along with the camera crew. They hash it out, and Kenya says she can’t do the relationship anymore. Matt breaks down and sobs. He quickly turns it off, and has his final words with Kenya, “go get whatever you need to get to make you whole.”

Kenya officially walked away from Matt and all of his drama.

Source: Wendy