Rosenberg Says Drake Told Him One of His Early Verses Was Ghostwritten

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg claims that Drake told him he didn’t write one of his earlier verses.

Rosenberg was discussing Drake’s career with comedian Pete Davidson on his show “Late Night” when he talked about a verse from the Toronto rapper that he didn’t like. The radio personality said he told Drake at the time he didn’t like it, who then replied by telling Rosenberg that he didn’t write it. “There’s one. I told him this too. And he didn’t write it.” said Rosenberg. “It was from the first album run. It had that flow Three rappers were on it.” He went on to say that Drake admitted to him that he didn’t write the verse. “He actually told me he didn’t write that verse, he said. “By the way, first time I’m saying that publicly. I’m not trying to roast him. I didn’t think anything of it.”

Rosenberg didn’t recall the name of the actual track. Drake has never publicly admitted to using ghostwriters. However, he was sued by Rappin 4-Tay for lifting his verse off of “Playaz Club” for YG’s “Who Do You Love.” Drake ended up paying him $100,000 for his use of the lyrics. Reference tracks from Quentin Miller for several songs off his 2015 mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” were also leaked during his beef with Meek Mill.

Go to the 37:25 mark.