Fugitive Michael Vance Killed by Police After Posting Facebook Live Videos

The manhunt for fugitive Michael Vance ended in a blaze of gunfire on Sunday night, October 30.

According to a U.S. Marshals spokesperson, a gun battle was set off after Vance was pulled over near Leedey Oklahoma at around 9:30 p.m. [central time]. Vance would escape the encounter, having wounded a sheriff, but the chase that ensued came to an end more than 20 minutes later when he was cut down in an exchange of fire with three Oklahoma Highway Patrolmen. Authorities had reportedly begun closing in on Vance earlier in the day, but he was able to get away from the campsite they located him at just north of Hammond, 150 miles away from the town of Wellston, where his crime spree began last week.

Vance came to the nation’s attention on October 23, when he took off in a patrol car after shooting two officers who were responding to a disturbance call. He too was struck in the exchange, and took to Facebook Live in his bloody tee, to document his get away. He was immediately declared “Wanted” and reported to be armed with an AK-47.  “This is real s**t see? That’s a mother****ing gun. That’s the real deal. This ain’t a joke. This ain’t a prank,” he would record himself saying.

Within hours Vance would shoot a woman and carjack her Lincoln Town Car. They would later find the car abandoned near a home, Northeast of Oklahoma City. Upon entering the premises, they found the bodies of Vance’s uncle and aunt, Robert and Valierie Kay Wilkson.  Robert Wilkson had been shot, and both were stabbed multiple times, with police having concluded that Vance apparently attempted to dismember their corpses.

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