Omelly Comes at Beanie for Saying He Was a Ghostwriter for Him & Meek Mill

Beanie Sigel took his beef with Meek Mill to another level during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, where he claimed that he was a ghostwriter for Meek and his cousin Omelly on their “Ooouuu” remix.

When asked specifically about ghostwriting for Meek and Omelly, Beanie said, “A few of them, yeah,” adding, “Meek wasn’t even there. It was just Omelly in the studio. It wasn’t no call. Somebody told me – ‘Meek Mill’s cousin, Omelly in the studio, they’re recording something.’ I go in there, ‘Oh, this what y’all doing?’ I wasn’t even even going to get on the record. X, Y, Z, ‘Nah, you gotta do this, bro, say this.’ I went and I referenced the track for him.”

Omelly took to Instagram to respond to the situation, telling followers, “If it’s f*** us it’s f*** you n**** stop frauding acting like you wrote n****s raps you on some nutt s*** & I’ll tell you this to ya face I don’t even care about that philly talk n**** you lost respect as a man in my books.” He added, “YOU MAKE OUR CITY LOOK BAD IN EVERY WAY YOU DONT ADD TO THE CITY IN NO TYPE OF WAY YOU A BIG TIME HATER YOU HAD THE BALL U DROPPED IT NOW YOU WANNA HATE ON THURL YOUNG N****S YOU LIKE 52yrs Old Outta pocket & YOU GOT PICKS.”

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Source: Instagram