K. Michelle Says Bye, Bye Booty!


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The rumors were true! “The Voice” co-stars Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now dating!

Then, Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend are expecting their first child together – but it will be Eddie’s 9th!

Plus, Master P. is forced to pay up BIG in his divorce settlement and K. Michelle is removing her butt enhancements.

Is Wendy surprised?

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Drake & Charlamagne Reportedly Squash Beef, Take a Photo

Drake and Charlemagne Tha God have apparently squashed their alleged beef.

The two were spotted in New York City last night [August 9] on Drake’s Instagram, popping bottles and smiling together. “Pretty much sums it up @cthagod NEW YORK NIGHT FOUR THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT” is what the caption reads under Drake’s IG post. Drake has been going back and forth with Funkmaster Flex in recent weeks, and seeing as Charlemagne, is also a rival of Flex, this could be a good ally for Drake in his battle with the Hot 97 legend.

Drake and Charlemagne have never had any serious beef. Their problems stemmed from the radio host mocking the rapper and his career as an on-air personality. Their relationship started to change last year after Drake sent him bottles of champagne when he dropped the Meek Mill diss “Back to Back.”

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Zaytoven Talks About Working with a Sober Gucci Mane

Zaytoven interviewed with Vibe Magazine this month and discussed the difference between working with a sober Gucci Mane and a high Gucci Mane.

Zaytoven explained the main differences to the magazine. “The conversation is different. Now I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the high Gucci or none of that because you know, you’re gonna get different music with someone that’s on drugs. I enjoyed that time too. We got a lot of classic stuff out of that,” he said. “But him being sober, him being clean with his mind just focused, it’s clarity all the way. We can talk about things differently. We can approach music differently. And all that’s gonna make us bigger stars than what we already been.”

Zaytoven and Gucci Mane are frequent collaborators. They’ve been working together since the mid-2000s.

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Charles Hamilton Admits to Being Raped, Hating Gays, and Dissing Drake

Charles Hamilton says he was raped when he was younger, and as a result, he doesn’t like gay people.

The controversial rapper took to his blog this week to give his thoughts on rappers Jay-Z, and Drake and tell the story of how being a rape victim ruined his relationships with women. “I hate myself for being a rape victim. Granted I was young, but I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. And I have ties with some powerful people, so I thought I would lose my spot,” he said. “I don’t like gay people because the pain I felt is far from something I would consider pleasure. I’m mad awkward around women. My touch and demeanor might be too soft for them.”

The confession came right after he gave his opinion on Jay-Z and how it has changed over time. At first, Hamilton thought he was a bad influence on the youth. “Once I learned more about his story, I started to appreciate his story more. I just hope it’s not too late for the rest of the world to understand him,” he said. He also touched on dissing Drake when he first came out. “Drake and I came out in the mainstream around the same time. I went more underground; he went pop. But I had so many people behind me with pop expectations. And he was rubbing his success in the face of everyone out at the time. I wouldn’t do the same thing anyway, but I felt his blanket statements on rappers were aimed at me. So I sent him some subliminal jabs.”

To see the full blog click the link, enterthehamilton.blogspot.com.

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Bumpy Knuckles: Eric B Hooked Up with Rakim, After I Didn't Show Up to Meeting

The world may know Eric B and Rakim as one of hip hop’s greatest duos, but Bumpy Knuckles said that he might have done hip hop a favor by possibly facilitating the group’s formation. He explained to VladTV that he was once approached by Eric B to come to a meeting when he was looking for a rap partner. However, Bumpy Knuckles skipped out on the meeting when he found out that Eric only wanted to sign one person, as Bumpy was a part of a group, and Eric joined up with Rakim a short time later.

While they didn’t form a group together, Eric B remained close friends with Bumpy Knuckles, helping produce his debut solo album and mentoring him in the industry. As he considered Eric a close friend for years, Bumpy Knuckles credited his partner Rakim with being one of two people he can think of who changed the sound of hip-hop. The other person is Busta Rhymes, whom Bumpy Knuckles said changed the game with his 1997 hit, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.”

Check out more of what Bumpy Knuckles had to say in the above clip, including how he got his first break with his group “Supreme Force.”

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Donald’s Twitter War


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The last season of “American Idol” premiered and former contestant Clay Aiken bashed the show and judges. Should he have kept his opinions to himself?

Then, Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter after Samuel L. Jackson said he cheats at golf.

Is Donald acting Presidential?

Plus, Rocco apparently refuses to live with his mom Madonna because she’s too strict and Jason Derulo is dating 50 Cent’s ex.

Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.

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