Jhonni Blaze Claims Boyfriend Knocked Her Teeth Out

Love & Hip Hop star Jhonni Blaze took to social media to air her ex-boyfriend out for allegedly assaulting her, on Tuesday, August 24. In the caption of a photo in which the 26-year-old vixen reveals herself to be missing teeth, Blaze ranted about the incident, laying out the gory details of how she sustained the injury, before deleting the post from her Instagram page.

“So we’re going to forget what he did to me because he clearly telling y’all he has access to my phone and shit, ok so I’m going to let this sit here and y’all ask him, and I guarantee he won’t answer. WHY THE FUCK MY MOUTH LOOK LIKE THIS,” she wrote, before implying that he is an abuser. “@MISTERSTARQUALITY YOU WONT WIN THIS with them basic ass bitches cheering you on you are what you are!”

Blaze gave some background on what brought the fight about, stating that he had taken over the passwords of her social media accounts and telephone. He “tried to take over my whole life and destroy me as a person,” she continued, recalling times in which he bad-mouthed her to other women, and claiming that he leaked embarrassing photos of her to various blogs. She also made reference to emotional abuse, claiming that he told her to kill herself. According to Blaze, her mouth was mauled when he shoved a bottle into her mouth. “I will make sure you get locked up for what you did to me face! My life and my mind! Now how much proof I need everyone knows I wouldn’t just randomly fall man come on,” she wrote.

@MISTERSTARQUALITY denied the accusations, responding: “I ain’t EVER hit you or punched you or any other woman for that matter. FOH. Where the bruises at? Where’s the blood? Your friends you called to the house after it happened… did they come over and see you bloody and swollen? Prove it. You called them and gave that BS story because you know damn well the police ain’t going to buy that bullshit story with no proof, Sway! This woman is sick and needs HELP!! This shit is sad, so much potential, so much talent being wasted. It’s hard to just be quiet while y’all trolling, but I can fall back let her come with accusations and prove every one of them to be a LIE.”

Source: hiphollywood.com

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