Lil Yachty Calls Ebro After Radio Host Disses His New Song

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden wasn’t feeling a new song released by Lil Yachty that he felt took a few shots at him and the station .

The radio personality was ranting about the song “For Hot 97” and the problem with modern rappers who don’t know how to spit real bars when Yachty himself called and confronted him over the phone. “First off you got the wrong idea on the record bro,” said Yachty. “I did the song ‘For Hot 97’ so I can show that I can rap. Now when you came on the radio this morning with the bulls***, you specifically old man, and my point is to you is you got offended for the wrong idea. That’s all I’m trying to say,” said Yachty. Ebro claimed he wasn’t offended by the song at all and said he believes Yachty made it because he “caught feelings” after the radio personality tried to get him to freestyle during an interview from a few months back. Yachty said he didn’t take it personal. “It was to show what’s good. That s*** is hard bro. I don’t care if you 69 bro,” he said. “You acting like the old man in the barber shop that’s always hating.”

Peter Rosenberg chimed in and said Ebro probably respects him a lot more now that he called to confront him. “I was laying in my bed. I really was waiting for a response, but he old so he wasn’t gonna respond. I said I gotta do this the real way, I gotta call,” said Yachty. Ebro laughed and smiled after that and said he’s glad he tried to “showcase is bars” on “For Hot 97.”


Source: Vladtv