Man Screams on NYPD While Witnessing Traffic Stop: You"re a Clown!

In recent weeks, the strained relationship between the African-American community and law enforcement has become progressively worse following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The controversy surrounding the death of both men is that they were captured on camera, and revealed that the officers in the two different instances could have handled the situations drastically different. As a result, of blood being unnecessarily shed, citizens living across communities in America are now doing their own due diligence to police those tasked to serve and protect the public. In a new video that has gone viral, an NYC man trolls and harasses three officers while filming them conducting a traffic stop, and boy does he exercise his freedom of speech after he calls one officer every name in the book.

During a traffic stop in NYC this week, three officers pulled over one car for reasons unbeknownst to us. However, it didn’t stop one NY resident who took it upon himself to ensure that the officers were doing their job “correctly” amid all the heat they have come under of late.

In the footage obtained, the man standing on the sidelines can be heard aggressively antagonizing minority police officers. Fortunately for him, one calm, cool and collected officer handled the brunt of the man’s insults with an ease that shocked just about everyone watching the video.

The video also comes on the heels of audio being leaked, of an NYPD officer making claims that his superior punished him for not arresting larger numbers of blacks and latinos.

Was this guy justified in the video, or did he take it too far?  Watch above.


Source: Vladtv