Joey Bada$$ Allegedly Watched by the Secret Service because of Malia Obama

Co-starring in the second season of USA Network drama, Mr. Robot, Joey Bada$$ has had a chance to get familiar with what the life of a hacker might be like.  A conversation on his role in the series about a cybersecurity engineer however, might invite recollection of a 2015 incident that still has him weary as to whether the Secret Service believes he may have already been acquainted with the skills that a hacker is.  If you ask Joey, he’ll tell you that his phone is tapped, and that he’s got proof that he is being watched.

“There was a tree outside my door that shaded my whole house. It had been there for years. But when that s**t with Malia went down, the tree was gone,” he recently told the New York Post. “The timing was too suspicious. I guess they [had] to get clearer pictures!”

That “s**t with Malia,” he makes reference to, was a breach of White House security thought to involve Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era squad, when a photo of the elder Obama child in a Pro Era shirt was posted on the group’s Instagram account.  Throughout the 44th President’s tenure in office, wife Michelle Obama has been known to keep a leash on their daughters’ social media activity, limiting Malia to Facebook and keeping Sasha off all together up until recently.  Indeed the 21-year-old Brooklyn rapper and his associates were investigated on exactly how they got their hands on the selfie, learning that it had been leaked out by a mutual friend.  Since that time, Joey says he’s felt like he’d been living under observation.  And by the sound of things, the contents of the show do not seem to help comfort him.

“This show had made me more paranoid than I already was,” he says, laughing again.


Source: Vladtv