CA State Board of Education Approves LGBT Class Curriculum

California is looking to update the curriculum in schools, starting with second graders in San Francisco who will be learning about families that have two mothers or two fathers. This past Thursday, the California State Board of Education unanimously approved the changes that require classroom curriculum to include important moments in LGBT rights, as well as highlight prominent LGBT figures in history. The law also bans materials in classes that cast the gay community or certain religions in an unfavorable light.

The law that required California to begin the changes in the curriculum was passed in 2012 but was not fully implemented because of budget cuts, attempts to overturn the law and more. The lessons will be weaved into the curriculum starting with second graders, and will also be taught in fourth grade, fifth grade, and at various points in high school. Despite the latest update in the law, opponents continue to argue that the decision to introduce sexual orientation to children should be up to the parents to discuss with their children, not the education system.


Source: Vladtv