Nicki Minaj Gets Groped by Fans During Her Show

When performing, many artists want to be close to their fans to show them the passion they have while performing. Some may crowd surf, give high-fives, and more. For others who aren’t into that much crowd interaction, the best thing is squatting down and speaking directly to the fans. However, fans get carried away, as Nick Minaj found out during a recent performance. During one of her shows, she got close to screaming fans to perform and squatted down to rap in her fans’ face. During that moment, with her back turned to one part of the crowd, a random person proceeded to grab her butt multiple times, to the point where the rapper had to move away while still squatting.

After the person stopped trying to grope Minaj, it looked as if a security guard stepped in to move the person away. That fan should feel lucky, as many others would have immediately felt violated and went after them, like how Kevin Gates did at one of his shows earlier this year. Watch the clip above.


Source: Vladtv